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James Harvey Ammons: Birth: abt 1867 in Indiana.
Jesse Ammons: Birth: 1892. Death: 1903
May Ammons: Birth: 4 May 1890. Death: 4 Sep 1972
Minnie Inez Ammons: Birth: 14 May 1893 in Edmonds, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States. Death: 30 Aug 1966 in El Monte, Los Angeles, California, United States
William Cassius Ammons: Birth: 19 Sep 1864 in Southbend, St Joseph, Indiana, United States. Death: 8 Apr 1919 in Chelsea, Rogers, Oklahoma, United States
William Ammons: Birth: 1783 in Virginia. Death: 15 Jan 1851 in Indiana, United States
Ralph AMON: Birth: 1750 in United States. Death: 1811 in Columbiana, Columbiana, Ohio, United States
Sarah Anderson Wells: Birth: 23 Feb 1804 in Tennessee. Death: 17 Mar 1857 in Franklin, Arkansas, United States
Harry Anderson: Birth: Bef. 1880.
Isabella Anderson: Birth: 1781 in Warren, North Carolina, United States. Death: 1870 in Fulton, Georgia, United States
James Anderson: Birth: 5 Sep 1748 in North Carolina, United States. Death: 1834 in Christian, Kentucky, United States
James Anderson: Birth: 1781 in North Carolina, United States. Death: 1852 in Kentucky, United States
Jap Anderson: Birth: ABT 1876.
John William Anderson: Birth: Jan 1823 in Indiana, United States. Death: 19 May 1897 in Ward, Wilson, Kansas, United States
Josiah Anderson: Birth: 1796 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States. Death: 1871 in Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, United States
Martha Jane Anderson: Birth: 17 Apr 1850 in Macoupin, Illinois, United States. Death: 29 Jun 1934 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States
Mary Anderson: Birth: 22 Apr 1777 in Warren, North Carolina, United States. Death: 8 Feb 1864 in Logan, Kentucky, United States
Nancy Anderson: Birth: 1786 in North Carolina, United States. Death: 1820 in Todd, Kentucky, United States
Noble Anderson: Birth: 1769 in Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1850 in Cherokee, Georgia, United States
Ruth Anderson: Birth: 1783 in North Carolina, United States. Death: 1844 in Obion, Obion, Tennessee, United States
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MARY ANTHONY ANTONI: Birth: 1765 in Virginia, United States. Death: 1810 in South Carolina, United States
Mary Jane Arnold: Birth: 21 Nov 1878 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States. Death: 23 Dec 1957 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, United States
Nancy Arrowsmith: Birth: 1810 in Standish, Lancashire, , England. Death: 1857 in Worth, Missouri, USA
Dianner Atherton: Birth: 25 FEB 1815 in Kentucky. Death: 28 JUN 1893 in Daviess, MO
Elizabeth Atherton: Birth: 3 Jul 1822 in KY. Death: 1868 in Pleasantville, Marion, IA
Hannah Atherton: Birth: 28 Apr 1818. Death: 5 Feb 1870
Hiram Atherton: Birth: 15 Mar 1802 in Ohio, KY. Death: 7 Aug 1885 in Wapella, De Witt, IL
Jonathan Atherton: Birth: 26 December 1777 in Washington, Maryland, USA. Death: 2 Aug 1850 in De Witt, Illinois, USA
Jonathon Atherton: Birth: 3 Jul 1822 in IL. Death: 1879
Joshua Atherton: Birth: 1804 in Grayson, VA. Death: 27 Dec 1847 in Pike, IL
Lucinda Atherton: Birth: 22 Sep 1821 in Illinois. Death: 16 Aug 1904 in WAPELLA Township, De Witt County, Illinois
Mahala Wilma Atherton: Birth: 24 Nov 1827 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL. Death: 11 Apr 1896 in Waynesville, De Witt, IL
Robert Atherton: Birth: 1825.
Sarah Atherton: Birth: 19 Feb 1823 in TN. Death: 30 Jan 1912 in De Witt, IL
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Johnathan Atherton, Sr.: Birth: 1740 in MD. Death: 1816 in Ohio, KY
Barbara C. Atkins: Birth: 07 Aug 1826 in Fayette County, KY. Death: 28 Jun 1872 in Edgar County, IL
Ruth Atwater: Birth: 31 Dec 1688 in New Haven,New Haven,Connecticut,USA. Death: 17 May 1758 in New Haven,New Haven,Connecticut,USA
Marie Aucoin: Birth: 6 Apr 1721 in Grand Pre, Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 10 Apr 1759 in Halifax, , Nova Scotia, Canada
Priscilla Ann Aud: Birth: 15 Feb 1815 in Nelson, Kentucky, United States,. Death: 17 Sep 1872 in Prairie City, White, Illinois
Ernest 'Elector of Hanover' Augustus: Birth: 20 Nov 1629 in Herzberg, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany. Death: 23 Jan 1697 in Hannover, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
Docia Austin: Birth: 29 Aug 1833 in Dekalb Co, Tennessee. Death: 17 Apr 1885
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Mary Magdalene Avery: Birth: 17 Dec 1869 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 10 Jan 1933 in Chelsea, Rogers, Oklahoma, United States
Fanny Jane Axton: Birth: 02 Feb 1895 in Arkansas. Death: 16 May 1930 in Collinsville, Rogers Co, OK

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