William Keene /Winslow/
B: 16 AUG 1846
P: Winslow Farm, Benezette, Elk Co, Pa
D: 3 AUG 1913
P: University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsyl...

 Charles Keene /Winslow/
B: 23 JAN 1818
P: Bristol, Maine
M: 20 FEB 1845
P: Benezette, Elk Co.,PA
D: 4 APR 1869
P: Benezette, Elk Co.,PA

 Rebecca "Becky" /Hicks/
B: 2 NOV 1826
P: Gibson Twp, Clearfield Co, PA
D: 13 JAN 1907
P: Benezette, Elk, PA

 Carpenter /Winslow/
B: 3 JAN 1793
P: Pittston, Kennebec, Maine
M: 25 MAY 1817
P: Bristol , Lincoln , Maine
D: ABT 18 DEC 1875
P: probably Benezette, Elk Co., PA

 Beulah (Elizabeth) /Keene/
B: 3 JAN 1796
P: Bristol ,Lincoln, Maine
D: 16 MAY 1864
P: Benezette,Elk Co, PA

 John C /Hicks/
B: 19 JUN 1798
M: 17 FEB 1822
P: Gibson Township, Elk Co., PA
D: 20 JUN 1886
P: Hicks Run, Gibson Twp,Cameron, PA

 Mary ELIZABETH /Conway/
B: 3 OCT 1807
D: 29 DEC 1871
P: Hicks Run,Cameron, PA

 Carpenter /Winslow/
B: 22 MAR 1766
P: Pittston , Kennebec, Mass/Maine
M: 8 JUN 1788
P: Pittston, Kennebec, ME
D: 19 NOV 1827
P: Punxsutawney, Jefferson, PA
 Elizabeth /Colburn/
B: 29 MAY 1768
P: Pittston , Kennebec, Maine
D: 11 JUL 1845
P: Punxsutawney,Jefferson Co., PA
 William /Keene/
B: 8 MAY 1753
P: Duxbury, Plymouth , Ma
M: 27 APR 1784
P: Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
D: 16 JUL 1821
P: Bremen/ Bristol, Lincoln, Me
 Celanah /Wadsworth/
B: 9 DEC 1763
P: Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass
D: ABT 24 MAY 1848
P: Bristol, Lincoln, ME
 Levi /Hicks/
B: ABT 1771
M: ABT 1799
D: BET 1840 AND 1850
P: Benezette, Elk, PA
B: ABT 1781
D: AFT 1850
P: with son in 1850 Gibson Twp, Cameron Co, PA
 Father /Conway/
D: BEF 1860
 Elizabeth marname /Conway/
B: ABT 1785
P: Pa
D: BET 1860 AND 1870
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