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Frances Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1826.
Frank MOCKBEE: Birth: 22 Jun 1881 in Stewart County, TN.
Franklin Mockbee: Birth: 1848 in Westport, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. Death: 5 Oct 1871 in Jackson Co., MO
Frederick J Mockbee: Birth: 11 Sep 1939 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple. Death: 10 Nov 2000 in New Orleans, LA
Frederick J. Mockbee: Birth: 5 Jun 1916 in New Orleans, LA. Death: Jun 1972 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple
Frederick Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1857 in MO.
George E. Mockbee: Birth: 3 Aug 1924 in TN. Death: 7 Jan 1996 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple
George M. Mockbee: Birth: 1858 in Jefferson Co., MO. Death: 1933 in Hillsboro, MO
George Richard Mockbee: Death: 1915 in Lexington, Fayette, KY
George Washington MOCKBEE: Birth: 16 May 1893 in Montgomery Co., TN. Death: 11 Sep 1937 in St. Louis, MO
Greenberry Mockbee: Birth: 13 May 1821 in KY. Death: 24 May 1891 in KY
Harriet Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1831 in Fayette Co., PA.
Harriet MOCKBEE: Birth: Nov 1854 in TN.
Harrison Wilson Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1838 in Harrison Co., KY. Death: 19 Mar 1864 in Small Pox U.S. General Hospital, St. Louis
Harvey Mockbee: Birth: Jun 1874 in IL. Death: 5 Aug 1911 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL
Hattie Mockbee: Birth: 6 Oct 1909 in TN. Death: 11 Jul 1948 in Montgomery Co., TN
Helen Kay Mockbee: Birth: 19 Nov 1945 in Jackson, MS. Death: 25 Jan 2010 in Greenville, SC
Helen L. Mockbee: Birth: 21 Jan 1916 in Mountain View, CA. Death: 16 Apr 1921 in San Jose, CA
Henry B. Mockbee: Birth: 9 Feb 1854 in Bracken Co., KY.
Henry H. Mockbee: Birth: 30 Apr 1832 in Montgomery Co., TN. Death: 23 Oct 1908 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
Henry Howard Mockbee: Birth: from 1800 to 1809. Death: BEF 1850
Henry Owen Mockbee: Birth: 1872 in TN. Death: 1945 in TN
Henry Mockbee: Birth: 24 Mar 1858 in Bath Co. KY. Death: 4 Sep 1884 in Bath Co., KY
Hensen Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1792 in MD. Death: 9 Oct 1880 in Pendleton, KY
Herbert Mockbee: Birth: May 1894 in TN. Death: AFT 1946
Hezekiah Mockbee: Birth: May 1864 in KY.
Hickerson Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1788 in MD. Death: AFT 1860 in Brown CO., OH
Higginson Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1750. Death: BEF 1795 in Prince Georges Co., MD
Holmes Alvin Mockbee: Birth: 6 Jun 1922 in TN. Death: 21 Nov 1994 in Duval, Fla.
Howard C. Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1800 in MD. Death: AFT 1850 in TN
Hugh MOCKBEE: Birth: 1890 in Stewart Co., TN. Death: 1966 in Stewart Co., TN
Indiana Mockbee: Birth: 1867 in CA. Death: 15 Mar 1895 in Mountain View, CA
Inez Mockbee: Birth: 16 Sep 1909 in Arkansas. Death: 3 Jun 1997 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple
Isaac Brown Mockbee: Birth: 11 Mar 1896 in KY. Death: 8 Sep 1949 in Lexington, Fayette, KY
J.H. Mockbee: Birth: 3 Sep 1892 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. Death: 13 Jan 1893 in Alameda Co., CA
Jack Cameron Mockbee: Birth: 20 Feb 1916 in ARK. Death: 11 Dec 1978 in Los Angeles, CA
Jack Mockbee: Birth: 5 Jul 1904 in KY. Death: 8 May 1978 in Houston, TX
Jacob Samuel Mockbee: Birth: 16 Mar 1859 in Mountain View, CA. Death: 11 Feb 1935 in Mountain View, CA
Jacob Mockbee: Birth: 1834 in brown co oh. Death: 1914 in Niantic macon co. il
James Barrett Mockbee: Birth: 21 Oct 1895 in Sedalia, Missouri. Death: 28 Nov 1973 in San Francisco Co., CA
James Barrett Mockbee: Birth: 12 Sep 1849 in MO. Death: 11 Nov 1921 in Pettis Co., MO
James Crawford Mockbee: Birth: 24 Aug 1807 in Montgomery Co., MD. Death: BEF 1860 in KY
James E. Mockbee: Birth: 1880 in TN.
James Falonies MOCKBEE: Birth: 26 Feb 1918 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co, TN. Death: 26 Feb 1918 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
James Fletcher Mockbee: Birth: 1839 in KY.
James H. Mockbee: Birth: Nov 1873 in CA. Death: 10 Apr 1936 in Santa Clara Co., CA
James H. Mockbee: Birth: 12 Aug 1918 in Haywood Co., TN . Death: 6 Apr 1946 in Shelby Co., TN
James Joseph Mockbee: Birth: 30 Jul 1930 in San Diego, CA. Death: Nov 2008 in San Diego, CA
James K. Polk Mockbee: Birth: Jun 1845 in Lexington, Fayette, KY. Death: 24 Jan 1908 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL
James M Mockbee: Birth: Jan 1858 in Robertson Co, Ky. Death: 13 Aug 1937 in Lexington, Fayette, KY
James Madison Mockbee: Birth: 8 Jul 1846 in IN. Death: 24 Feb 1927 in Boone Co., MO
James Offutt Mockbee: Birth: 1725. Death: BEF 1795 in Prince Georges Co., MD
James Presley Mockbee: Birth: 1871 in Bath Co., KY. Death: 5 May 1894 in Bath Co., KY
James Thomas Mockbee: Birth: 18 Jan 1870 in Callaway Co., MO. Death: 17 Jan 1942 in MO
James W. Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1851 in MO. Death: AFT 1874
James Washington Mockbee: Birth: 27 Apr 1832 in KY. Death: 12 Jun 1891 in Mountain View, CA
James William Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1857 in Westport, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. Death: 10 Dec 1930 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
James MOCKBEE: Birth: 15 Feb 1832 in TN. Death: 19 Apr 1929 in Stewart Co., TN
James Mockbee: Birth: 1819 in KY. Death: Oct 1864 in Callaway Co., MO
Jean Helen Mockbee: Birth: 27 Dec 1917 in Santa Clara Co., CA. Death: 4 Jun 2001 in Santa Clara Co., CA
Jennie Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1900 in Oklahoma.
Jennie MOCKBEE: Birth: May 1877 in Stewart County, TN.
Jennie Mockbee: Birth: May 1877 in Montgomery Co., TN. Death: 7 Jan 1926 in Montgomery Co., TN
Jerome Mockbee: Birth: Abt. 1844 in OH.
Jesse James MOCKBEE: Birth: 23 Mar 1895 in Montgomery Co. TN.
Jo Ann Mockbee: Birth: 2 Apr 1916. Death: 6 Jun 1984 in TN
John A. Mockbee: Birth: 1848 in IN. Death: 1932 in MO
John Beale Howard Mockbee: Birth: 8 Aug 1810 in Dickson Co., KY. Death: 31 Jan 1844 in Stewart Co., TN
John Harrison Mockbee: Birth: 21 Dec 1875 in CA. Death: 6 Jan 1952 in Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., CA
John Hereford Mockbee: Birth: 1 Oct 1836 in Stewart Co., TN. Death: 1859 in Virden, Macoupin Co., IL
John Howard Mockbee: Birth: 10 Mar 1827 in TN. Death: 13 Jan 1903 in Williamson Co., IL
John Joseph Mockbee: Birth: 29 Nov 1899 in VA? OK?. Death: 13 Feb 1975 in San Diego, CA
John Lowry Mockbee: Birth: 3 Sep 1873 in MO. Death: AFT 1917
John Oscar Mockbee: Birth: 1862 in Fayette Co., PA. Death: 3 May 1885 in San Francisco, CA
John Pell Mockbee: Birth: 19 Sep 1932 in Santa Clara Co., CA. Death: 8 Nov 1997 in Fresno, CA
John Richard Mockbee: Birth: 30 Mar 1879 in Omaha, Nebraska. Death: 11 Apr 1955 in Dallas, TX
John T. Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1835 in Stewart Co., TN.
John Thomas Mockbee: Birth: 8 Jun 1944 in RI. Death: 5 Jan 2009 in Magnolia, AR
John W. Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1844 in KY. Death: AFT 1870 in Girard, Crawford, KS
John W. Mockbee: Birth: ABT 1827 in KY. Death: 12 May 1903 in Terre Haute, IN
John William Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1793 in MD.
John Mockbee: Birth: abt. 1830 in Fayette Co., PA.
John Mockbee: Birth: 20 Dec 1768 in MD. Death: 1836 in Montgomery Co., TN
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