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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Louisa Mockbee: Birth: 22 Feb 1856 in Dry Town, Amador Co., CA. Death: 22 Jul 1941 in Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., CA

  2. Frances Margaret Mockbee: Birth: 7 May 1857 in Mountain View, CA. Death: Oct 1949 in Portland, OR

  3. Jacob Samuel Mockbee: Birth: 16 Mar 1859 in Mountain View, CA. Death: 11 Feb 1935 in Mountain View, CA

  4. Cynthia Blanche Mockbee: Birth: 1861 in CA. Death: 1 Oct 1899 in San Bernardino, CA

  5. Nellie Mockbee: Birth: Dec 1864 in Santa Clara County, CA. Death: 1 Oct 1910 in Palo Alto, CA

  6. Indiana Mockbee: Birth: 1867 in CA. Death: 15 Mar 1895 in Mountain View, CA

  7. Narcissa Mockbee: Birth: 10 Oct 1868 in Mountain View, CA. Death: 25 Dec 1950 in Los Angeles, CA

  8. Annie Mockbee: Birth: 1870.

  9. James H. Mockbee: Birth: Nov 1873 in CA. Death: 10 Apr 1936 in Santa Clara Co., CA

  10. John Harrison Mockbee: Birth: 21 Dec 1875 in CA. Death: 6 Jan 1952 in Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., CA

  11. Charles Mockbee: Birth: 23 May 1878 in CA. Death: died young

  12. Charles Tillman Mockbee: Birth: 15 Nov 1881 in Mountain View, CA. Death: 26 May 1923 in San Jose Hospital, Santa Clara Co., CA

1. Note:   undefined This 1912 newspaper clipping is in the Mockbee scrapbook in the Mountain View library: Welcome End to Long Suffering Mrs. Clara Mockbee Passed Away Thursday after Long Illness After many weeks of patient suffering rest finally came to Mrs. Clara Mockbee on Thursday afternoon at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Lauer, on Hope street. Mrs. Mockbee was sticken with paralysis some eleven weeks ago, and gradually grew worse, the last few days totally unconscious and helpless. She was 75 years and six months old, and this advanced age made it impossible for medical skill to do more than ease the pain of her last hours. This good old lady was born in Missouri, her family name was Boon (sic), daughter of Jacob Boon, one of the prominent families of that state and the founder of the famous town of Boonville, in early days a French Indian trading post, now a prosperous trading post. When she was about 15 years old her family came to California, and here she has lived for more than sixty years, the greater part of which were lived in Mountain View. She married the late J.W. Mockbee, who died twenty-one years ago in June, and they raised a large family of children, eleven in all, seven of whom survive, as follows: Mrs. Joseph Lauer, Jacob S., John H. and Charles Mockbee, of Mountain View; Mrs. John Otten of Hood River, Oregon; Mrs. N.M. Walton of Los Angeles. Mrs. W.C. Mason, Mrs. Henry Carlin, Mrs. Leeds and an infant are dead. Funeral services will be held at (the) Lauer residence on Hope street Saturday morning at 10:30, thence to Cypress Lawn crematory. (This obituary is notable for its errors about the "Boon" family -- Clarissa's father Jacob Boone was not the founder of Boonville; however, her great-grandfather Jacob Boone founded Maysville, KY on the Ohio with his kinsman, the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone.) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.