/Otto "the Illustrious" Duke of Saxony
        /Henry I "The Fowler" Saxony Holy Roman Emperor
       |    \Hadwig von Babenberg
    /Otto I "The Great" Holy Roman Emperor
   |   |    /Theodoric I Count of Ringleheim
   |    \Mathilda of Ringleheim
   |        \Ludmilla (Ragnhildis) von Friesland
Luitgarde Princess of Holy Roman Empire
   |        /Alfred "The Great" West Saxon King of England
   |    /Edward "The Elder" West Saxon King of England
   |   |    \Ealhswith of Mercia
    \Eadgyth (Edith) Princess of England
       |    /Aethelhelm Ealdorman of Wiltshire
        \Aelflaed (Aelfflaed) of Wiltshire
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