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Myra D Jenkins: Birth: 2 Jan 1859 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Dec 1859 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Neta G Jenkins: Birth: abt 1873 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts
Thomas Jenkins: Birth: 08 Mar 1725 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Death: abt 1784 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Rachel Jenks: Birth: 08 Jul 1789 in Providence, Rhode Island. Death: 11 Feb 1873 in Cheshire, Berkshire, Massachusetts
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Mary Jenney: Birth: 1702 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 1768 in Baltimore, Maryland
Edna M Jennings: Birth: 29 Dec 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Jan 2009 in Colebrook, Coos, New Hampshire
Remember Jennings: Birth: 17 Sep 1668 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Nov 1723 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
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Leone P G (Lucy) Jensen: Birth: 29 Jul 1926 in Litchfield, Meeker, Minnesota. Death: 16 Feb 2014 in Gillespie, Macoupin, Illinois
Camille Jerome: Birth: Nov 1855 in Brooklyn, New York. Death: 1863 in Brooklyn, New York
Clarita Jerome: Birth: 15 Apr 1851 in Rochester, Monroe, New York. Death: 20 Jan 1935 in Hastings, East Sussex, England
Jeanette Jerome: Birth: 09 Jan 1854 in Brooklyn, New York. Death: 29 Jun 1921 in London, England
Julia Jerome: Birth: 1866 in New York.
Leonard Walter Jerome: Birth: 03 Nov 1817 in Pompey, Onondaga, New York. Death: 03 Mar 1891 in Brighton, England
Leonie Blanche Jerome: Birth: 15 Aug 1859 in St Germain, Paris, France. Death: 21 Aug 1943 in Monaghan, Ireland
William Jerome: Birth: 1868 in New York. Death: 1955 in Livonia, Livingston, New York
Mary Leilia Jeter: Birth: 31 Jan 1869 in Haywood, Tennessee. Death: abt 1960 in Memphis, Tennessee
Hannah Jewell: Birth: 17 Jan 1681 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Death: 26 Jan 1711 in Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut, United States
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Alice M Johnson: Birth: 1904 in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Death: 1958
Alvin Page Johnson: Birth: 26 Nov 1864 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: Nov 1952 in Lynn, Massachusetts
Anna Bell Johnson: Birth: 29 Nov 1884 in Abilene, Texas. Death: 15 Aug 1958 in Los Angeles, California
Catherine Allie (Nancy) Johnson: Birth: 1817 in Surry, North Carolina. Death: 07 Jul 1885 in Ellijay, Gilmer, Georgia
Eliza A Johnson: Birth: 1800. Death: 1875
Ellen Johnson: Birth: abt 1896 in Mansfield, Massachusetts.
Fanny Johnson: Birth: 06 May 1764 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 27 Apr 1801 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts
Frank Edward Johnson: Birth: 06 Jul 1873 in Norwich, Connecticut. Death: 19 Sep 1934 in Havana, Cuba
Franklin Johnson: Birth: Oct 1834 in Massachusetts.
Hannah (Harriet) Johnson: Birth: 15 Nov 1759 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 27 Mar 1795 in Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Hannah Johnson: Birth: 03 Nov 1795 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts. Death: 11 May 1865 in Watertown, Jefferson, New York
Helen Anna Johnson: Birth: 18 Feb 1908 in Cleveland, Ohio. Death: 20 Nov 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio
Lemuel Johnson: Birth: 23 Jan 1782 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Dec 1868 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts
Linda Arvidson Johnson: Birth: 12 Jul 1879 in San Francisco, California. Death: 26 Jul 1949 in New York
Lt. Isaac Johnson: Birth: 29 May 1762 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 13 Jan 1842 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts
Mercy (Molly) Johnson: Birth: 20 Feb 1758 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 18 Mar 1804 in Charlemont, Franklin, Massachusetts
Minnie Johnson: Birth: 30 Nov 1775 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts. Death: 08 Jul 1777 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts
Moses Johnson: Birth: 25 Oct 1779 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Nov 1861 in Halifax, Windham, Vermont
Moses Johnson: Birth: Abt 1740.
Raymond John Johnson: Birth: 1896 in Michigan.
Sybel M Johnson: Birth: abt 1900 in Mansfield, Massachusetts.
Thomas Johnson: Birth: 06 Feb 1774 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 19 Jul 1777 in Colrain, Franklin, Massachusetts
William Johnson: Birth: 17 Jun 1767 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Death: 31 Mar 1841 in Whitingham, Windham, Vermont
William Johnson: Birth: abt 1863 in Sweden.
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Frederick W Johonnett: Birth: 17 Feb 1842 in Palmyra, Somerset, Maine. Death: 30 Nov 1928 in Oak Grove, Anoka, Minnesota
Frederick Johonnett: Death: 04 Nov 1880
Gertrude Johonnett: Birth: 1879 in Oak Grove, Anoka, Minnesota. Death: 1959
Gracie B Johonnett: Birth: Nov 1880 in Oak Grove, Anoka, Minnesota. Death: 25 Jan 1889
Alma Jeanette Jollimore: Birth: 05 May 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Feb 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts
Eugene Douglas Jollimore: Birth: 21 Oct 1933 in Massachusetts. Death: 11 Nov 1985 in Boston, MA
Florence B Jollimore: Birth: 25 Nov 1930 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 23 Sep 1997 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
John E Jollimore: Birth: abt 1901 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: Abt 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts
John Edward Jollimore: Birth: 07 Dec 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 19 Jul 2015 in North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts
John Jeremiah Jollimore: Birth: 15 Nov 1870 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Death: 1925 in Boston, Massachusetts
Lillian Frances Jollimore: Birth: 16 Jun 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Melvin George Jollimore: Birth: 22 Nov 1914 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Aug 1986 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Olive Josephine Jollimore: Birth: 28 Jan 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts
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Abel White Jones: Birth: 20 Jan 1812 in Acton, Massachusetts. Death: 05 Feb 1882
Abel Jones: Birth: 26 Aug 1783 in Acton, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Jan 1872 in Acton, Massachusetts
Abigail Merriam Jones: Birth: 24 Apr 1809 in Acton, Massachusetts.
Abigail Jones: Birth: 1712 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
Abigail Jones: Birth: 05 Nov 1771. Death: 06 Jul 1858 in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
Abner Adolphus Jones: Birth: 13 Jun 1809 in Tennessee. Death: 08 May 1888 in Marshall, Mississippi
Abner Jones: Birth: 1728 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
Abraham Hapgood Jones: Birth: 22 Aug 1819 in Acton, Massachusetts. Death: 01 Jul 1907 in Acton, Massachusetts
Abraham Wood Jones: Birth: 1662 in Henrico, Virginia. Death: 05 Dec 1689 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia
Abraham Jones: Birth: 1655 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia. Death: 12 Aug 1718 in Henrico, Virginia
Allie Mae Jones: Birth: 05 Apr 1904 in Greenville, Hunt, Texas. Death: 01 Sep 1972 in Graham, Young, Texas
Andes Jones: Birth: 30 Apr 1792 in Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Jun 1822 in Nash, North Carolina
Ann Jones: Birth: abt 1715 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
Anna Lloyd Jones: Birth: 1838 in Wales. Death: Feb 1923 in Lone Rock, Richland, Wisconsin
Anne Jones: Birth: 1655 in Prince George, Virginia. Death: 1663 in Prince George, Virginia
Atlas Jones: Birth: 18 Jan 1782 in Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Nov 1841 in Madison, Tennessee
Atlas Jones: Birth: 30 Aug 1828 in Cotton Grove, Madison, Tennessee. Death: 08 Nov 1903 in Union, Mississippi
Benjamin Jones: Birth: 1701 in Taunton, Massachusetts. Death: 02 Aug 1748 in Attleboro, Massachusetts
Bethiah Jones: Birth: 18 May 1738 in Raynham, Massachusetts.
Burton L Jones: Birth: 05 Jul 1926 in Medina, Ohio. Death: 19 Jul 2014 in Carrolton, Ohio
Calvin Jones: Birth: 02 Apr 1775 in Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts. Death: 20 Sep 1846 in Bolivar, Hardeman, Tennessee
Charlotte Hapgood Jones: Birth: 24 Nov 1810 in Acton, Massachusetts.
Clarissa Jones: Birth: 06 Oct 1817 in Acton, Massachusetts. Death: Dec 1886 in Acton, Massachusetts
Clarissa Jones: Birth: 16 Sep 1814 in Acton, Massachusetts.
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