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Joan of ACRE: Birth: MAY 1271 in Acre, Hazofan, Palestine. Death: 7 APR 1307 in The Manor of Clare in Suffolk, England
Elizabeth S. ADDINGTON: Birth: 1826 in Gilmer County Georgia. Death: UNKNOWN
Willgarde AGILOLFING: Birth: ABT 666 in Bavaria, Germany. Death: UNKNOWN in Germany
Nancy AKIN: Birth: 1850 in Gilmer Co. GA. Death: 26 FEB 1919
Godefroy of ALAMANNIA: Birth: ABT 650 in Alamannia. Death: ABT 709
Huoching of ALAMANNIA: Birth: ABT 667 in Alamannia. Death: UNKNOWN
Nebi of ALAMANNIA: Birth: BEF 709 in Alamannia. Death: 788
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Adam I of ALDITHLEY: Birth: ABT 1129. Death: UNKNOWN
Adam II of ALDITHLEY: Birth: 1149 in England. Death: BET 1203 AND 1211
Henry of ALDITHLEY: Birth: ABT 1175 in Shropshire. Death: 1246
James of ALDITHLEY: Birth: ABT 1220 in Heleigh, Staffordshire, England. Death: 11 JUN 1272 in Ireland
Lyduiph of ALDITHLEY: Birth: ABT 1112 in Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England. Death: AFT 1132
Mrs Lyduiph ALDITHLEY: Birth: in Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England. Death: ABT 1142
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Gerhard II of ALSACE: Birth: ABT 980 in Alsace Lorraine, France. Death: 1045
Elizabeth ANDREWS: Birth: 1551 in Wellington, Somerset, England. Death: 25 JAN 1590
Mrs. Phillip ANDREWS: Birth: 1523 in Wellington, Somerset, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Phillip ANDREWS: Birth: 1519 in Wellington, Somerset, England. Death: UNKNOWN
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Adelaide of ANJOU: Birth: ABT 947. Death: 1012
Engelger Orlean of ANJOU: Birth: 845 in France. Death: ABT 888
Ermangarde of ANJOU: Birth: 952 in Anjou, France. Death: 27 JUN 992
Ermengarde of ANJOU: Birth: BET 1010 AND 1018. Death: 21 MAR 1076 in Murdered
Fulk I of ANJOU: Birth: 888 in Anjou, France. Death: ABT 942
Fulk II of ANJOU: Birth: 909 in Anjou, France. Death: 11 NOV 958 in Tours, France
Fulk III of ANJOU: Birth: in Anjou, France. Death: 2 MAY 1040
Fulk IV of ANJOU: Birth: ABT 1043. Death: 14 APR 1109
Fulk V of ANJOU: Birth: 1092 in Anjou, France. Death: 13 NOV 1144 in Jerusalem
Geoffrey I of ANJOU: Birth: 11 NOV 940 in Anjou, France. Death: 21 JUL 987
Tertulle of ANJOU: Birth: 821 in Rennes, Anjou, France. Death: UNKNOWN
Adelaide of AQUITAINE: Birth: ABT 945 in France. Death: 1004 in France
Ebalus of AQUITAINE: Birth: 870. Death: 935
Eleanore of AQUITAINE: Birth: 1122 in Ombriere Palais, Bordeaux, France. Death: 26 JAN 1202 in Fontevrault, France
Ermengard of AQUITAINE: Death: 935
Norbert of AQUITAINE: Death: ABT 720
Ranulf I of AQUITAINE: Death: 866 in Aquitaine, France.
Ranulf II of AQUITAINE: Birth: 850 in France. Death: 890 in France
William III of AQUITAINE: Birth: ABT 924 in Poitiers, France. Death: 3 APR 963
William IV of AQUITAINE: Birth: 937. Death: 3 FEB 994
William IX of AQUITAINE: Birth: 22 OCT 1071. Death: 10 FEB 1126
William V of AQUITAINE: Birth: 969. Death: 31 JAN 1030 in Maillezais
William VIII of AQUITAINE: Birth: 1025. Death: 25 SEP 1086
William X of AQUITAINE: Birth: 1099 in Toulouse, Haute Garonne, France. Death: 9 APR 1137 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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Boso II of ARLES: Birth: ABT 920 in Arles, France. Death: 965
Constance of ARLES: Birth: 973 in Arles, France. Death: 25 JUL 1034 in France
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Margaret AUDLEY: Birth: ABT 1312 in Stafford, Staffordshire, England. Death: 7 SEP 1347
Regintrude II of AUSTRASIA: Birth: ABT 628 in Austrasia. Death: UNKNOWN
Regintrude of AUSTRASIA: Birth: ABT 605 in Austrasia, France. Death: UNKNOWN in France
St. Warinus AUTUN: Birth: ABT 635. Death: ABT 677
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