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William Morgan INMAN: Birth: 15 NOV 1867 in Dent Co., MO. Death: 17 APR 1892 in Dent Co., MO
William Morris INMAN: Birth: abt 1828. Death: 03 APR 1838
William N. INMAN: Birth: DEC 1867 in VA.
William Neal INMAN: Birth: 12 DEC 1882 in Nixa, Christian, MO. Death: 22 OCT 1964 in Nixa, Christian, MO
William Neely INMAN: Birth: 10 MAR 1919 in MI. Death: 25 MAY 1998
William Newell INMAN: Birth: 01 DEC 1906 in MO. Death: 18 JUL 2008
William Noah INMAN: Birth: 08 MAR 1859 in Mount Airy, Surry, NC. Death: 04 DEC 1927 in Westfield, Surry, NC
William Norton INMAN: Birth: 14 JAN 1860 in Williamsburg, Whitley, KY. Death: 27 OCT 1925 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple
William Oliver INMAN: Birth: 18 JAN 1895 in Marshall Co., KY. Death: 24 MAY 1989
William Oliver INMAN: Birth: abt SEP 1924 in Lincoln Co., TN. Death: NOV 2006 in Savannah, Chatham, GA
William Oliver INMAN: Birth: 02 MAY 1875 in Hamilton Co., IN.
William Oscar INMAN: Birth: 19 OCT 1894 in SC. Death: 28 JAN 1961 in Horry Co., SC
William P. INMAN: Birth: abt 1866 in Troy, Obion, TN.
William Parker INMAN: Birth: 21 FEB 1905 in Almyra, Arkansas, AR. Death: 06 MAY 1983 in Des Arc, Prairie, AR
William Parker INMAN: Birth: 25 DEC 1927 in Rowland, Robeson, NC. Death: 07 FEB 2007 in NC
William Patrick INMAN: Birth: 18 FEB 1944 in Columbus Co., NC. Death: 25 FEB 1944 in Columbus Co., NC
William Paul INMAN: Birth: 10 APR 1911 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 25 OCT 1929 in Haywood Co., NC
William Perry INMAN: Birth: JUL 1867 in MI. Death: 09 OCT 1900 in Three Rivers, St. Joseph, MI
William Philman INMAN: Birth: 06 MAY 1876 in Delta Co., TX. Death: 17 SEP 1945 in Roscoe, Nolan, TX
William Pinckney INMAN: Birth: 29 MAY 1861 in Hamblen Co., TN.
William Pinkney INMAN: Birth: abt 1840 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 06 FEB 1865 in Big Stomp, Haywood, NC
William Pond INMAN: Birth: 03 NOV 1907 in Sussex Co., VA. Death: 23 APR 1998
William Porter INMAN: Birth: 06 OCT 1866 in TN. Death: 18 MAR 1891
William Porter INMAN: Birth: 08 MAR 1845 in Jefferson Co., TN. Death: 06 NOV 1886 in Carroll Station, Madison, TN
William Pratt INMAN: Birth: 24 FEB 1886 in South Moline, Rock Island, IL. Death: 22 JUL 1976 in Concord, Contra Costa, CA
William Pratt INMAN: Birth: 16 MAY 1836 in Pottstown, Montgomery, PA. Death: 04 JAN 1904 in Laceyville, Wyoming, PA
William Preston INMAN: Birth: JAN 1886 in TX. Death: 01 JUL 1960 in Harris Co., TX
William Price INMAN: Birth: 06 DEC 1861 in Danville (Independent City), VA. Death: 25 OCT 1926 in Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX
William Price INMAN: Birth: 13 SEP 1895 in Rowletts, Hart, KY. Death: 03 MAR 1946 in Galveston Co., TX
William Quinton INMAN: Birth: 29 MAY 1912. Death: 31 AUG 1995 in Opp, Covington, AL
William R. INMAN: Birth: 12 NOV 1886 in Greene Co., IN. Death: 05 AUG 1887 in Greene Co., IN
William Richard INMAN: Birth: abt 1837 in IN. Death: aft 1880
William Richard INMAN: Birth: 15 FEB 1903 in Lima, Allen, OH. Death: 13 JAN 1985 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL
William Richard INMAN: Birth: 11 NOV 1922 in NC. Death: 11 AUG 1969 in FL
William Riley INMAN: Birth: abt 1826 in SC. Death: abt 1869
William Riley INMAN: Birth: OCT 1867 in SC. Death: abt 1940
William Ritchie INMAN: Birth: 02 APR 1811 in Dandridge, Jefferson, TN. Death: abt 1843/4 in Limestone Co., AL?
William Robert INMAN: Birth: abt 1888 in VA.
William Robert INMAN: Birth: 24 NOV 1916 in Bedford, Lawrence, IN. Death: 06 FEB 2005 in Hemet, Riverside, CA
William Robert INMAN: Birth: 07 FEB 1896 in Buffalo Springs, Clay, TX. Death: 17 JAN 1977 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX
William Roosevelt INMAN: Birth: 09 DEC 1934 in Jackson Co., AL. Death: 06 MAY 2008
William Roscoe INMAN: Birth: JUL 1887 in Sevier Co., TN. Death: abt 1939
William Roscoe INMAN: Birth: 15 MAR 1888 in Gettysburg, Darke, OH. Death: 18 SEP 1973 in Greenville, Darke, OH
William Roy INMAN: Birth: 01 APR 1893 in Grays Harbor Co., WA. Death: 29 DEC 1964 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA
William Ryle INMAN: Birth: 16 JAN 1852 in California, Moniteau, MO. Death: 22 JAN 1930 in Sedalia, Pettis, MO
William S. W. INMAN: Birth: abt 1828.
William S. INMAN: Birth: 16 MAY 1836 in Lawrence Co., IN. Death: 01 JUN 1915 in Coalmont, Clay, IN
William S. INMAN: Birth: 10 AUG 1885 in VA.
William S. INMAN: Birth: abt 1901 in MO. Death: bef 2003
William Sam INMAN: Birth: abt 1822 in TN.
William Samuel INMAN: Birth: 02 SEP 1872 in Barton, Colbert, AL. Death: 23 MAY 1950 in Colbert Co., AL
William Samuel INMAN: Birth: 31 DEC 1891 in Oakland, Pottawattamie, IA. Death: 11 FEB 1970 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA
William Shadrach INMAN: Birth: abt 1841. Death: in Civil War
William Sherman INMAN: Birth: 11 DEC 1865 in Dubois Co., IN. Death: 14 MAY 1916 in Washington D.C.Temple
William Shrieve INMAN: Birth: OCT 1886 in Wright Co., IA. Death: 19 FEB 1966 in Powell Co., MT
William Stanley INMAN: Birth: 15 SEP 1917 in Coal City, Owen, IN. Death: 18 FEB 1979 in Brazil, Clay, IN
William Starlin INMAN: Birth: 14 APR 1894 in MO. Death: 01 OCT 1958 in Missoula Co., MT
William T. INMAN: Birth: abt 1850 in KY.
William T. INMAN: Birth: abt 1840 in MS. Death: 22 MAY 1891 in Carroll Co., MS
William T. INMAN: Birth: 23 JAN 1828 in PA. Death: 02 JUN 1911 in Jackson, Jackson, OH
William T. INMAN: Birth: abt 1820 in KY. Death: abt 1865 in Whitley Co., KY
William T. INMAN: Birth: 11 JUN 1904 in Lake, Scott, MS. Death: 27 JUL 1925
William T. INMAN: Birth: 06 SEP 1872 in Adrian, Bates, MO. Death: 24 JAN 1968 in Poteau, LeFlore, OK
William T. INMAN: Birth: abt 1873 in KY.
William T. INMAN: Birth: abt 1857 in Paris, Lafayette, MS.
William Tally INMAN: Birth: abt 1843 in Conway, Horry, SC.
William Thomas INMAN: Birth: 17 DEC 1915 in McAlester, Pittsburg, OK. Death: 24 AUG 1986 in Denver, Adams, CO
William Thomas INMAN: Birth: 12 MAR 1887 in Barton, Colbert, AL. Death: 11 MAY 1943 in Booneville, Prentiss, MS
William Thomas INMAN: Birth: 09 FEB 1948 in Owensburg, Greene, IN. Death: 12 OCT 1999 in Muncie, Delaware, IN
William Thomas INMAN: Birth: 23 MAR 1922 in Cherokee Co., AL. Death: 28 FEB 1994
William Thomas INMAN: Birth: 27 FEB 1875 in McNairy Co., TN. Death: 18 MAY 1937 in Memphis, Shelby, TN
William Thurston INMAN: Birth: 21 MAR 1916 in NC. Death: 30 SEP 1961 in Charleston Co., SC
William Thurston INMAN: Birth: 21 MAR 1916 in Brunswick Co., NC. Death: 30 SEP 1961
William Todd INMAN: Birth: JUL 1849 in Henry Co., OH. Death: abt 1882 in Cherokee Co., KS
William Twiby INMAN: Birth: 18 OCT 1847. Death: 9 MAR 1904
William V. INMAN: Birth: 15 JUN 1849 in Washington Co., OH. Death: 11 JUN 1918 in Amesville, Athens, OH
William Veal INMAN: Birth: JAN 1890 in FL.
William Vernell INMAN: Birth: 11 JUN 1919 in Plainview, Hale, TX. Death: 23 MAY 1991 in Flathead Co., MT
William W. INMAN: Birth: 01 MAR 1864 in Sandusky Co., OH. Death: 04 SEP 1947 in Lorain, Lorain, OH
William W. INMAN: Birth: abt 1838 in PA.
William W. INMAN: Birth: abt 1861 in MS.
William Wallace INMAN: Birth: 05 JUN 1859 in Spencer, Medina, OH.
William Wallace INMAN: Birth: abt 1848 in NY.
William Walter INMAN: Birth: 10 AUG 1925 in IN. Death: 24 APR 2010 in Mitchell, Lawrence, IN
William Walter INMAN: Birth: JUL 1848 in Walkerton, La Porte, IN.
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