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Marriage: Children:
  1. Francis STRIBLING: Birth: abt 1720. Death: abt 1823 in Amite Co., MS

  2. William STRIBLING: Birth: abt 1721.

  3. Taliaferro STRIBLING: Birth: abt 1723 in Stafford Co., VA. Death: 05 OCT 1774 in Frederick Co., VA

  4. Thomas STRIBLING: Birth: 29 JUN 1733 in Prince William Co., VA. Death: 07 MAR 1819 in Pendleton Dist., SC

  5. Sigismund STRIBLING: Birth: abt 1740. Death: abt 1816

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1. Title:   "The Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine"
2. Title:   Kinchloe, McPherson and Related Families
Author:   L. D. McPherson
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