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Individual Page

Marriage: Children:
  1. Rufus LAWHON: Birth: abt 1821 in NC.

  2. James Bright LAWHON: Birth: abt 1828 in NC. Death: abt 1869 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple

  3. John LAWHON: Birth: abt 1828 in NC.

  4. Henry LAWHON: Birth: abt 1830 in NC.

  5. James Richard LAWHON: Birth: abt 1832 in NC.

  6. Susan M. LAWHON: Birth: abt 1834 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.

  7. Person Not Viewable

Marriage: Children:
  1. C. R. LAWHON: Birth: abt 1843 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.

  2. Emily C. LAWHON: Birth: abt 1846 in MS.

1. Title:   Census records.

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