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1. Title:   Census records.
2. Title: Cemetery Records

a. Note:   d through the war to return home. Joseph died at Camp Douglas, a Confederate POW camp where about 26,000 prisoners lived in temporary wooden barracks. About 6,000 men died at the camp and were given burials in unmarked paupers' graves in Chicago's City Cemetery. In 1867, the remains were reburied at Oak Woods Cemetery, about five miles south of the camp. The monument to these men, Confederate Mound, lists the names of the prisoners who died on the sides of the monument. Joseph's brother, William Pinkney, is now famous as the "Inman" of the book "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier.
Note:   Joseph A. Inman was the ninth child of Joshua and Mary "Polly" Inman. He joined the Confederate Army in NC along with his brothers, James Anderson, Daniel Logan, Joshua Ervin, William Pinkney, and Lewis Hezekiah. Only Anderson and Hezekiah live
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