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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Anderson INMAN: Birth: 15 FEB 1826 in Canton, Haywood, NC. Death: 15 AUG 1913 in Haywood Co., NC

  2. Daniel Logan INMAN: Birth: abt 1827 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 25 DEC 1864 in Camp Douglas, Cook, IL

  3. Margaret INMAN: Birth: abt 1830.

  4. Mary Merinda INMAN: Birth: 20 AUG 1834 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 20 MAY 1897 in Haywood Co., NC

  5. Joshua Ervin INMAN: Birth: abt 1837 in NC. Death: abt FEB 1864 in VA

  6. William Pinkney INMAN: Birth: abt 1840 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 06 FEB 1865 in Big Stomp, Haywood, NC

  7. Lewis Hezekiah INMAN: Birth: 09 FEB 1841 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 08 FEB 1908 in Haywood Co., NC

  8. Joseph A. INMAN: Birth: abt 1843 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 16 APR 1864 in Camp Douglas, Cook, IL

  9. Julia Ann INMAN: Birth: abt 1853 in Haywood Co., NC.

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1. Title:   Photo of headstone.
2. Title: Cemetery Records
3. Title:   LDS records.
4. Title:   NC Marriage Collection, 1741-2004
5. Title:   Haywood Co., NC Marriage Records

a. Note:   Info on this line from Jim McDonald, [email protected] Not only did Joshua fight for the Confederacy, but all six of his sons did. Only two of those boys survived the war; two died in Camp Douglas prison camp in Chicago, one was lost to friendly fire and one died on a battlefield in TN and was buried by a surviving brother. 1850 CENSUS - Unk, Haywood, NC roll 633 p 170 fam 550; listed as Joseph b. 1800. 1860 CENSUS - Division 37, Haywood, NC roll 901 p 281 fam 14. 1870 CENSUS - Forks of Pigeon, Haywood, NC roll 1142 p 207 fam 117; 2 of Joshua's daughers with them.
b. Note:   Census records lists birth year as 1800. Headstone lists 1805. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.