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Alianore (Elinore) Clare, de: Birth: OCT 1292 in Gloucester, England. Death: 30 JUN 1337 in Gloucestershire, England
Baldwin Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1114 in Tunbirdge Castle, Kent, England.
Basilia Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1116 in Tunbirdge Castle, Kent, England.
Benedict Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1254 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, England.
Bozo Clare, de: Birth: 12 JUL 1248 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, England.
Elizabeth Clare, de: Birth: 16 SEP 1295 in Tewkesbury, , Gloucestershire, England.
Gilbert I "The red" Clare, de: Birth: 2 SEP 1243. Death: 7 DEC 1295 in Monmouth Castle, Monmouthshire, England
Gilbert Clare, de: Birth: 1182 in of Hertford, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 25 OCT 1230 in Penros, Brittany
Gilbert Clare, de: Birth: 21 SEP 1086 in Tunbirdge Castle, Kent, England.
Isabel Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1178 in of Hereford, England.
Joan Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1175 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Joane Clare, de: Birth: 1184 in Hertford (Castle), England.
Margaret Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1250 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, England.
Margaret Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1294 in Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England.
Maud Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1252 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, England.
Maude Mathilde (Matilda) Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1184 in Hertford, England. Death: 1213 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Richard Clare, de: Birth: 1186 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: 4 MAR 1228 in London, Middlesex, England
Richard Clare, de: Birth: ABT 1249 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, England.
Rohese Clare, de: Birth: 17 OCT 1252 in Tunbridge, Kent, England.
Rohesia Clare, de: Birth: 1142. Death: BEF 1181
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Elizabeth Clarell: Birth: ABT 1400 in England.
Elizabeth Clarell: Birth: ABT 1391. Death: 23 APR 1435
JOANNA CLARELL: Birth: 1263.
Johanna Clarell: Birth: 1266. Death: Unknown
MARGARET CLARELL: Birth: 1397 in ALDWARK. YKS. ENG. Death: 1466
Margaret Clarell: Birth: ABT 1389 in Alnwick, Yorkshire, England. Death: AFT 1441 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Clarell: Birth: 1388 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England.
Thomas Clarell: Birth: ABT 1375 in Yorkshire, England.
Thomas Clarell: Birth: 1394 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1430 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England
THOMAS CLARELL: Birth: 1363.
Thomas Clarell: Birth: 1353 in Aldward, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1 MAY 1442 in Tickhill, Yorkshire, England
Thomas Clarell: Birth: 1300 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1363 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England
Thomas Clarell: Birth: ABT 1377 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England. Death: 8 FEB 1429 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
William de Clarell: Birth: ABT 1255 in Tickhill, Yorkshire, England. Death: Unknown
WILLIAM CLARELL: Birth: 1287. Death: 1332
William Clarell: Birth: 1323 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1383 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England
William Clarell: Birth: 1285 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1338 in Aldwark, Yorkshire, England
William Clarell: Birth: ABT 1230. Death: Unknown
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Jemima Claridy: Birth: 1754. Death: in Smith County, Tennessee
Clarissa: Birth: 1789 in North Carolina. Death: 1865 in St. Clair County, Alabama
Anderlechtia Clarissa: Birth: ABT 1765. Death: 3 JUN 1855
(unknown) Clark: Birth: ABT 1775.
Abagail Clark: Birth: 11 NOV 1831 in Indiana. Death: 15 OCT 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Abigail Jemmima Clark: Birth: 10 OCT 1830 in Randolph County, Back Creek, North Carolina. Death: 22 FEB 1918 in Ohio
Abigail Clark: Birth: 1641 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Death: 2 MAY 1727 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Abraham H CLARK: Birth: 25 SEP 1818. Death: BET 1876 AND 1890 in , Newton Co., AR
Abraham Clark: Birth: ABT 1834.
Ada Idonia Clark: Birth: 24 FEB 1879. Death: 20 DEC 1911
Agnes Clark: Birth: ABT 1712.
Albert A. Clark: Birth: ABT 1875. Death: 1933
Alexander Clark: Birth: 24 APR 1785. Death: 6 AUG 1853 in Newberry Friends Cemetary
Alice Florence CLARK: Birth: 5 NOV 1898.
Alice CLARK: Birth: 1864. Death: in United Sates
Alice Clark: Birth: 1868 in CN, OK IT. Death: Deceased
Amanda Clark: Birth: ABT 1835 in Indiana. Death: UNKNOWN
Ambrose Clark: Birth: ABT 1837.
Amelia Clark: Birth: 12 JUN 1773 in VA. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860 in SC
Ann Clark: Death: 9 FEB 1819 in Chatham North Carolina
Anna Clark: Birth: 1802 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Death: 1850 in Stokes County, North Carolina
Anne Lindsay Clark: Birth: 13 JUL 1916. Death: 28 MAY 1973
Anne Clark: Birth: ABT 1705.
Anne Clark: Birth: 1608.
Annie Ruth Clark: Birth: 20 DEC 1909 in Towns County, Georgia. Death: 13 SEP 1987 in Oconee County, Georgia, Certificate # 033444
Anthony Jr. Clark: Birth: 25 JUN 1787 in Kings Mountain, NC. Death: 23 SEP 1865 in Coryell Co., TX
Anthony Clark: Birth: 21 JUN 1739 in Antrim, Ireland. Death: 15 JUL 1827 in Rutherford Co., NC
Arthur Clark: Birth: 2 SEP 1886.
Arvilla Clark: Birth: 2 JUL 1853. Death: UNKNOWN
Ashburton Hall Clark: Death: 30 OCT 1975
Babyt Clark: Birth: 4 JUL 1939 in Boxley Newton Co Ark. Death: 4 JUL 1939 in Boxley Newton Co Ark
Benjamin Franklin Clark: Birth: 1833 in Crab Orchard, Virginia. Death: UNKNOWN
Benjamin Wilson Clark: Birth: ABT 1762. Death: 18 NOV 1825
Benjamin Clark: Birth: ABT 1700.
Benjamin Clark: Birth: 1730. Death: 9 JAN 1806
Bernice Emma Clark: Birth: 1939. Death: 1939
Bessie Clark: Birth: 12 SEP 1909 in Eldridge, Missouri. Death: 4 JAN 1911 in LaClede County, Missouri, Zion Cemetary
Bethany Elizabeth Clark: Birth: 4 JAN 1861. Death: 5 SEP 1944
Bethany Clark: Birth: MAR 1828 in Kentucky. Death: 17 JUN 1926 in Clarksville, Arkansas Oakland Cemetary, Johnson County
Blanche Clark: Birth: 6 JAN 1881 in Kentucky. Death: 20 MAR 1977
Bolling Clark: Birth: ABT 1720.
Brooks Clark: Birth: 1902. Death: 1973
Caleb Clark: Birth: 1777 in Maryland. Death: 1849 in Winnsboro, South Carolina
Carl S Clark: Death: 1973
Charles Barton "C B " (junior) Clark: Death: 24 JUL 2008
Charles Jordan Clark: Birth: ABT 1826 in Kentucky.
Charles N Clark: Birth: 1868 in Missouri.
Charles Wilson CLARK: Birth: ABT 1864.
Charlie Ray Clark: Birth: 25 SEP 1887. Death: UNKNOWN
Charlie Clark: Birth: 1896. Death: UNKNOWN
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