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Joan (or Janet Mure) Cunningham: Birth: 1275 in Fokeltie, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 1415 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Joan Cunningham: Birth: 1275 in Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 1320 in Rowallan Castle, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
John Carroll Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1820.
John Francis Cunningham: Birth: 18 MAR 1838 in Perry Co Tennessee. Death: 23 NOV 1903 in WILLIAMSON CO TN
John Henry Cunningham: Birth: 8 JUL 1878 in North Carolina.
John Marcus Cunningham: Birth: 15 SEP 1873 in Etowah County, Alabama. Death: 13 DEC 1948
John Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1496. Death: AFT 1 DEC 1564
John Cunningham: Birth: AFT 1637. Death: 14 DEC 1703
John Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1550.
John Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1555.
Joseph S CUNNINGHAM: Birth: 1863. Death: 1914
Julie Ann Cunningham: Birth: 28 MAR 1861 in Calhoun County, Alabama. Death: 6 MAY 1894
Kathleen Aurora Cunningham: Birth: 17 FEB 1871 in Oklahoma. Death: 14 FEB 1942 in Muskogee, Oklahoma
Kathleen Aurora Cunningham: Birth: 17 FEB 1871 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple. Death: 14 FEB 1942 in Muskogee Co, OK
Kathleen Aurora Cunningham: Birth: 17 FEB 1871 in CN, OK IT. Death: 14 FEB 1942 in Muskogee Cty, OK
Keziah Elizabeth Cunningham: Birth: 14 JAN 1875. Death: UNKNOWN
Larry C. Cunningham: Birth: 5 NOV 1941. Death: 5 NOV 1941 in Sylvan Springs Cemetery, Jefferson County, AL.
Laura Cunningham: Birth: 10 JUN 1883 in North Carolina.
Lee Roy Cunningham: Death: BEF 1952
Lillie May Cunningham: Birth: 23 MAY 1879. Death: UNKNOWN
Lillie Cunningham: Birth: 15 SEP 1879. Death: 21 SEP 1958
Lucinda CUNNINGHAM: Birth: 1825 in Farmington, St Francois Co, Mo. Death: ABT 1912 in Bloomfield, Stoddard co, Mo
Lucy Cunningham: Birth: 25 MAR 1821. Death: 20 OCT 1904
Lula Druhamia Cunningham: Birth: EST 1887.
Margaret Agnes Cunningham: Birth: 1515 in Scotland.
Margaret Carolina Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1822 in South Carolina.
Margaret W. Cunningham: Birth: 14 MAR 1811 in Haywood Co. North Carolina. Death: 3 NOV 1875 in Jackson County, NC
Margaret Cunningham: Birth: 30 MAY 1783 in Greenville County, South Carolina.
Margaret Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1662. Death: 12 MAY 1742
Martha "Wissie" Cunningham: Birth: 18 NOV 1871. Death: 1929
Mary A. Cunningham: Birth: 15 NOV 1875 in Kempton, Tipton County, Indiana. Death: 20 NOV 1948 in Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana
MARY Almorine CUNNINGHAM: Birth: 22 FEB 1903 in MANASSA, CONEJOS, CO. Death: 15 APR 1958 in Arlington Co., VA
Mary Ann Cunningham: Birth: 21 NOV 1857.
Mary B. Cunningham: Birth: 1857 in Macon, North Carolina.
Mary Elizabeth Cunningham: Birth: 22 MAY 1867 in Bain County, Alabama. Death: 29 AUG 1951 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Minnie Ross Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1850.
Minnie Ross Cunningham: Birth: 7 JUL 1858 in Park Hill, Tahlequah Dist, now Cherokee Cty. Death: 21 MAR 1918 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Mira Adelaide Cunningham: Birth: 28 JAN 1867.
Ola Jane Cunningham: Birth: 24 JUL 1909 in Centerville, Hickman, Tennessee. Death: 5 DEC 1971 in Centerville, Hickman, Tennessee
Perlina Ann Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1841 in Alabama.
Ralph Cunningham: Birth: 9 APR 1900. Death: 5 DEC 1987 in Sylvan Springs Cemetery, Jefferson County, AL.
Rhoda Cunningham: Birth: 6 JUL 1893 in North Carolina.
Robert Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1855 in Macon, North Carolina.
Roxana Cunningham: Birth: 8 MAR 1885. Death: UNKNOWN
Sabra Ann Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1842. Death: 1875
Samuel S. Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1860 in Alabama.
Samuel Cunningham: Birth: 18 NOV 1890 in North Carolina.
Sarah Jane Cunningham: Birth: 28 AUG 1853. Death: 30 SEP 1875
Van Barnett CUNNINGHAM: Birth: 19 JAN 1864 in Evening Shade, , AR. Death: 1946 in Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
Victoria Ann Cunningham: Birth: 21 OCT 1862 in Calhoun County, Alabama. Death: AFT 1 APR 1930 in Comanche, Stephens County, Oklahoma
William Alfred Cunningham: Birth: 14 MAR 1855 in North Carolina. Death: 15 JUL 1935 in North Carolina
William Henry Cunningham: Birth: 10 MAR 1870 in Gadsen, Etowah County, Alabama. Death: 15 JUN 1925 in Washita County, Oklahoma
William Newton Cunningham: Birth: 1787. Death: 20 FEB 1855
William Ross Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1848.
William Roy CUNNINGHAM: Birth: 10 JUL 1909 in Farmington, St. Francois Co., MO. Death: 18 APR 1980 in Dexter, Stoddard Co., MO
William W. Cunningham: Birth: AUG 1856 in Macon, North Carolina.
William Cunningham: Birth: 1830. Death: 1877
William Cunningham: Death: OCT 1631
William Cunningham: Birth: 1830 in North Carolina.
William Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1820.
William Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1610. Death: 30 MAY 1664 in Belton, Haddington, , East Lothian, Scotland
William Cunningham: Birth: AFT 1673. Death: 14 MAR 1734
William Cunningham: Birth: ABT 1820.

Annie Ruth Cunninghan: Birth: 9 AUG 1919 in Etowah County, Alabama. Death: 2000 in Probably Alabama

Stephen de Cunynghame: Birth: ABT 1200. Death: Unknown
Mary Polly Cupp: Birth: 30 JAN 1820.
Dorothy Cupper: Birth: 1576.
Elizabeth Curbishley: Birth: ABT 1616.
Shelby Curbow: Birth: 27 JUL 1913 in Mississippi, USA. Death: 2 APR 1996 in Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi, USA

Elizabeth Curd: Birth: 1770 in North Carolina. Death: in North Carolina
John Curd: Birth: ABT 1790.
Nena CURD: Birth: ABT 1906. Death: ABT 1992
Bertha Clay Cureton: Birth: 8 APR 1899 in Georgia. Death: 22 MAY 1961
Bolin Cureton: Birth: 1755 in Granville County, North Carolina. Death: 1835 in Fayette County, Alabama
Ennis Marsha Cureton: Birth: 1 AUG 1887 in Georgia. Death: 31 OCT 1891
Etta Lee Cureton: Birth: 19 SEP 1883 in Georgia. Death: JUN 1885
James Gustavus Cureton: Birth: 5 SEP 1885 in Georgia.
Jane Cureton: Birth: ABT 1673 in England.
Richard Cureton: Birth: ABT 1722. Death: 1799
Richard Cureton: Birth: 26 AUG 1698. Death: BEF 1760
Richard Cureton: Birth: 1642 in Grinshill, Shropshire, England. Death: 20 JUL 1699
William [possibly different parents] Cureton: Birth: BEF 7 AUG 1659. Death: AFT 1740
Florence Irene Curl: Birth: 7 JUL 1901. Death: 21 FEB 1991 in Hanceville, Cullman County, Alabama
James Claude Curl: Birth: 15 JUL 1907 in Cullman County, Alabama, USA. Death: 26 JAN 1982 in Butte, California
Kessiah Curl: Birth: 1787 in North Carolina. Death: AFT 1860 in Chatham County, North Carolina
Margaret Lucretia Curl: Birth: 7 DEC 1814 in South Carolina. Death: NOV 1897 in Cullman County, Alabama, USA
Margarett C. Curl: Birth: JUN 1878 in Alabama. Death: BET 1900 AND 1910
Pauline Jane Curl: Birth: 27 APR 1888. Death: 1970 in Brooksville, Florida
William Aleck "Dock" Curl: Birth: 29 MAR 1883 in Alabama. Death: BEF 1910

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