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a. Note:   Domnall mac Áeda Finnléith, tighearna Ailigh1 d. 911, #14810 Pedigree Domnall mac Áeda Finnléith, tighearna Ailigh was the son of Áed Finnliath mac Néill, rí Ailech, Ard-rí na h'Éireann and Máel Muire ingen Cináeda.2,3 Annals of Ulster 863: "Muiredach son of Mael Dúin, prior of Ard Macha and king of Int Airthir, was killed by Domnall son of Aed son of Niall. / Muiredhach m. Maele Duin, secnap Aird Machae & ri na n-Airther, iugulatus est o Domnall m. Aedho m. Neill."4 Annals of the Four Masters 903: "A hosting was made by the Cinel-Eoghain, i. e. by Domhnall, son of Aedh, and Niall, son of Aedh; and Tlachtgha was burned by them. / Slóighedh la Cenel n-Eoghain .i. la Domhnall, mac Aodha, & la Niall, mac Aodha, co ro loiscceadh Tlachtgha leó." ( (an unknown value)).5 Annals of the Four Masters 906: "Domhnall, son of Aedh Finnliath, lord of Aileach, took the pilgrim's staff. / Domhnall, mac Aodha Finnléith, tighearna Ailigh, do ghabháil bachla." ( (an unknown value)).1 Lord of Aileach in Ireland, in 906.3,6 Annals of Ulster 911: "(Domnall son of Aed assumed the pilgrim's staff.) / Domnall m. Aeda do gabhail bachla.§."7 Annals of the Four Masters 911: "Domhnall, son of Aedh (i. e. of Aedh Finnliath), son of Niall, lord of Aileach, died in religion, after a good life. / Domhnall, mac Aedha .i. Aedh Findliath mic Néill, tighearna Ailigh, d'ég h-i c-cleircecht, iar n-deig-bhethaidh." ( (an unknown value)).8 He died in 911. He is said to have "died in religion, after a good life." "... Domhnall, son of Aedh of Aileach perished. ... In the latter ages there was not a royal hero like Domhnall of Dobhail. ... Heavy sorrow to the Gaeidhil that [this] chief [has] perished ... [his] times will be found in the histories."8,3 Child of Domnall mac Áeda Finnléith, tighearna Ailigh: Flann mac Domnaill, righdomna in Tuaisceirt source: added: 04nov2005 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.