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a. Continued:   He was the Earl of Buchan, and Constable of Scotland. 1 _UID 17B56F81C4DAE443944CC708A56B95693E69 !Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland and Justiciar. [Desc. of Charlemagne] FOSTER, BURR LINE !As justiciar, quelled a disturbance in the district of Moray caused by Gillescop in 1228. Gillescop was executed. [WBH - Scotland] !2nd Earl of Buchan. Justiciary of Scotland, 1251. Acted a conspicuous part in the busy reigns of Kings Alexander II and III. He was one of the guarantees of the peace with England in 1244. Constable of Scotland, jure uxuris, 1270; was one of the guardians of Scotland, 1286; d. in 1289. [Magna Charta Barons, p. 122, 260, 334] !Earl of Buchan by right of his mother; High Constable of Scotland by right of his wife, Elizabeth, and had livery of the lands forming the portion of his wife. [The Bruces and the Cumyns, p. 518] !2nd Earl of Buchan, father of Egidia who married Malise, 6th Earl of Strathearn. [The Bruces and the Cumyns, p. 552] !2nd Earl of Buchan; m. Elizabeth de Quincy; father of Elizabeth Comny. [The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, p. 393] Buchan, one of the old mormaerships, afterwards earldoms of Scotland, was early in the 13th century, carried by an heiress to the Comyn family, who siding against Bruce, forfeited their possessions and title. The earldom of Buchan was afterwards conferred on Alexander Stewart (the "Wolf of Badenoch"). [Burke's, p. 395] Earl of Buchan; m. Elizabeth de Quincy; father of Elizabeth Comyn who m. Gilbert de Umfreville. [WFT Vol 4 Ped 1222] Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland, Justiciar, d. 1290; son of William Comyn and Margaret, Countess of Buchan; m. Elizabeth de Quiincy; father of Elizabeth who m Gilbert de Umfreville, Earl of Angus. [Ancestral Roots, Line 224, p. 186] When Alexander III was killed near Burntisland, two Comyns, both direct descendants of Duncan I, were appointed to the council of six guardians of Scotland. They were Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and Black John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch. [Clans & Tartans, p. 82] Either William Comyn or his son Alexander built the mighty castle of Balvenie. [Balvenie Castle, p. 4] One of the most powerful nobles of the time. Inherited large estates in Galloway, Fife, the Lothians. Constable of Scotland in 1270; d. bef 6 Apr 1290; son of William Comyn and Margaret, Countess of Buchan; m. Elizabeth de Quincy; father of Alexander Comyn who m. Joan Latimer. [Charlemagne, Alfred the Great and Other Ancestors, Chart 2522] Son of William Earl of Buchan and Marjory Countess of Buchan; m. Elizabeth de Quincy; father of: 1. John Earl of Buchan who m. Isabella Countess of Fife 2. Roger 3. Alexander who m. Joan de Latimer 4. Master William Provost of St. Mary's, St Andrews 5. Marjorie who m. Patrick Earl of Dunbar 6. Emma who m. Malise Earl of Strathearn 7. Elizabeth who m. Gilbert de Umphraville 8. Elena who m. William de Brechin 9. dau. who m. Nicholas de Soules [Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The Comyns 1212-1314, p. X, XI] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.