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1. Page:   Brooke Shields
2. Page:   Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Page:   Clint Eastwood
4. Page:   Lacey Chabert
5. Page:   Lucille Ball
6. Page:   Bing Crosby
7. Page:   Humphrey Bogart
8. Page:   John Wayne
9. Page:   Dick Van Dyke
10. Page:   Richard Gere
11. Page:   Walt Disney
12. Page:   George Clooney
13. Page:   Val Kilmer
14. Page:   Dan Blocker
15. Page:   Mia Farrow
16. Page:   Johnny Depp
17. Page:   Elvis Presly
18. Page:   Andy Griffith
19. Page:   Don Knotts
20. Page:   Tom Hanks
21. Page:   Mahammad Ali
22. Page:   Jim Nabors
23. Page:   Shirley Temple
24. Page:   Judy Garland
25. Page:   Kenny Rogers
26. Page:   Anthony Perkins
27. Page:   Brad Pitt
28. Page:   Miley Cyrus
29. Page:   Halle Berry
30. Page:   Alice Cooper
31. Page:   Fred Gwynne
32. Page:   Vincent Price
33. Page:   Teri Hatcher
34. Page:   Oliver Hardy (of "Laurel & Hardy")
35. Page:   L. Ron Hubbard (Author)
36. Page:   Hugh Beaumont
37. Page:   Paternal Lineage
38. Page:   Maternal Lineage
39. Page:   Proprietor of Galaxy Comics
40. Page:   Herman Munster of the TV Sitcom "The Munsters"
41. Page:   Genealogy Colaborator
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