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a. Note:   Note: WB-1;283 Ap 1866-- Will of William Compton dated 6 Ap 1865. To wife Louisiana, $600 and personal property in place of dower and distributive share. To children: Elizabeth Thompson, Rebecca Miller, Delilah Broyles, John Compton and William Compton Jr. Exr, Will T Gass. Signed by mark, Wm Compton. Test: R Mitchell and James E. Rector. Codicil-- To Mahala Compton, dau of Wm Compton Jr., 75 acres off the lower end of my home farm next to Wm Gannaway, to include the house in which Wm Compton, my son, now lives in trust for son, Wm Compton, etc. WB-1;286 Jun 1866--Inventory of estate returned by Ext. Notes on Thos N. McPherson, C M Garrison, Jacob Garrison, John McDonald, O G M Broyles, Ault & West, Wiley Cunnyngham; "Georgia money to by changed off to best advantage." WB-1;287 8 May 1866-- Sale of estate by Exr to E D Pierce, Utiah Thompson, Wm H. Miller, Wm Gannaway, Rebecca Miller, John H Miller, widow Compton, Jas P Collins, H l W Ferguson, Louisa Compton, Z T Miller, John M Leffew, etc. WB-1;357 Sept 1869-- Additional inventory by Exr. Sales to W G Mitchell, Wm Prater, S D Broyles, Utiah Thompson. The remainder of the lands sold to executors of R N Gillespie for $1600. GR:80 Sept 1869-- Settlement with W T Gass, Exr. Charges: Inventory of personal property, $167.20; sales, $61.25; note on Thomas McPherson, $53; principal & interest on 2 notes of C M and Jacob Garrison, $966.30; sale of land, $1200; Bills paid by Exr to Thos McPherson, John McDonald, John Hoyal, B K Mynatt, J C Wasson (burial clothes), Miles Atchley, Jas R Barnett. Special bequest to widow, Louisa Ann Compton, $600; paid to Elizabeth Thompson, one of the heirs, $25; executors fee as Lawyer for family, $205. Distributees; John Compton, Delila Kimbrough, Uriah & Elizabeth Thompson, and Rebecca Miller (each received $436). On 4 March 1848, William Compton was elected Registrar. As required by law, he entered into a bond for $12,000 with R.N. Gillespie and Jo S. Evans as his securities. A Copy of the bond appears in the County Court Minutes (p. 243), and William Compton signed by X. Compton applied to the Court to have Jo S. Evens "admitted and qualified as Deputy Register," which was approved. Evens was also County Court Clerk and R.N. Gillespie was his Deputy Clerk. Compton was re-elected four years later and again signed his bond with an X. source: is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.