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a. Note:   d 1500 cavalry, which were totally defeated at Oswalden, near the forest of Selkirk in 1296. Earl of Buchan and Constable of Scotland. [The Bruces and the Cumyns, p. 410] !Grampian, 25 Dec 1307 -- King Robert of Scotland ends his campaign with the defeat of Earl John Comyn of Buchan. [Chronicle of the Royal Family, p. 68] John Comyn, 3rd earl of Buchan, played an important if inconstant part in the Wars of Independence, supporting at different times Edward I, John Balliol and Robert the Burce. By leading an embassy to France against Edward's interest, he forfeited to Edward the lands which had been returned to him in 1304. [Balvenie Castle, p. 5] Earl of Buchan; son of Alexander, Earl of Buchan, and Elizabeth de Quincy; m. Isabella Countess of Fife; dsp 1308. [Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The Comyns 1212-1314, p. XI] d. 1313? Constable of Scotland, loyal to Edward I of England, whom he acknowledged as king of Scotland in 1305. The rebel Robert Bruce had murdered the earl's cousin, John Comyn, lord of Badenoch, in 1306, and when Buchan's wife Isabella crowned Bruce king of Scotland at Scone on 25 Mar 1306 (her right as daughter of the earl of Fife), her husband proposed to kill her. Edward intervened and ordered Buchan instead to exhibit Isabella in a cage on the walls of Berwick Castle for many days. [The Plantagenet Encyclopedia, p. 53] He was the Earl of Buchan. !Brother of John Cumyn, Earl of Buchan/Constable of Scotland; father of Alice and Marjorie, afterwards co-heirs of Buchan. Taken prisoner at Dunbar on April 28, 1296. [The Bruces and the Cumyns, p. 410] FOSTER LINE Sheriff of Aberdeen; younger son of Alexander Cummin, Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland; father of Alice, Countess of Buchan, who m. Henry, Baron Beaumont. [Burke's, p. 219] Captured at Dunbar by King Edward. He and the Earl of Buchan were released from Flanders to return to Scotland on the condition that they were to quell the Scottish uprising in 1297. They played a double game of inactivity, waiting to see how matters would evolve and taking no steps to prevent their retainers drifting away to join the insurgents. [Robert the Bruce, p. 44] Sheriff of Aberdeen, 1305; bro. of John, Earl of Buchan; m. Joan, sis of William le Latimer; father of Alice. [Charlemagne & Others, Chart 2129] Darnaway Castle was held by the Cummings in the 13th century and then given by Robert the Bruce to Thoms Randolph in the early 14th century. It was later passed to the Stuarts, Earls of Moray. [Castles and Historic Houses <] Sheriff of Aberdeen, 1305; son of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and Elizabeth de Quincy; m. Joan Latimer. [Charlemagne, Alfred the Great and Other Ancestors, Chart 2522] Son of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and Elizabeth de quincy; m. Joan de Latimer; father of: 1. Alica who m. Henry Beaumont 2. Margaret who m. John of Ross [Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The Comyns, 1212-1314]
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