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Thomas L. Carson: Birth: 11 JUN 1837 in Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: 11 MAR 1908 in Forest City, Rutherford, North Carolina
William P. Carson: Birth: 12 DEC 1827 in Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: 18 FEB 1881 in Rutherford, North Carolina
Jansen Carsten: Birth: 1634 in New York.
Lula Carswell: Birth: ABT 1896 in North Carolina.
Mary Marie CARSWELL: Birth: 24 JUL 1927. Death: 30 JUL 1980 in Sanford, Lee County, NC..
Robert Louise "Bob" CARTAS: Birth: 17 AUG 1927 in Oakland, Alameda County, CA. Death: 26 APR 1985 in Washington D.C.Temple
Abijah G. Cartee: Birth: 23 SEP 1908. Death: 4 DEC 1990
Anna "Annie" G. Cartee: Birth: 2 APR 1882 in Alabama. Death: 11 MAR 1968
Carmilla A Cartee: Birth: ABT 1842 in Anderson Co, SC.
Edna Lee Cartee: Birth: 1915. Death: 5 JUL 1938
Falbe Adaline Cartee: Birth: 30 MAR 1839 in Anderson Co, SC. Death: 18 MAR 1918 in Williamston Twp, Anderson Co, SC
Fred L Cartee: Birth: JAN 1900 in Anderson Co, SC.
Hester E Cartee: Birth: ABT 1848 in Anderson Co, SC.
James Edward "Jim Ed" Cartee: Birth: 23 JUN 1911. Death: 9 FEB 1983
James Edward Cartee: Birth: ABT 1887 in Alabama.
John Spencer Cartee: Birth: 19 NOV 1811 in Pendleton Dist, SC. Death: 23 NOV 1857 in Anderson Co, SC
Juda C Cartee: Birth: ABT 1843 in Anderson Co, SC.
Martha Anna Cartee: Birth: 16 FEB 1846 in Anderson Co, SC. Death: 3 AUG 1931 in Anderson Co, SC
Martha Jane Cartee: Birth: 16 JUN 1853 in Anderson Co, SC. Death: 18 DEC 1916 in Anderson Co, SC
Milly C Cartee: Birth: ABT 1845 in Anderson Co, SC.
Oliver F Cartee: Birth: ABT 1849 in Anderson Co, SC.
Oscar M. Cartee: Birth: 14 NOV 1916 in Lawrence County, Alabama. Death: 22 FEB 1997 in Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama
Sarah Agnes Cartee: Birth: 15 JUL 1848 in Anderson Co, SC. Death: 26 MAY 1930 in Tugaloo Twp, Oconee Co, SC
Waco Jennings Cartee: Birth: 7 JUN 1896 in SC. Death: 26 MAY 1988
Warren A Cartee: Birth: 7 OCT 1851 in Anderson Co, SC. Death: 30 MAR 1915 in Hopewell Twp, Anderson Co, SC
William Grover Cartee: Birth: MAY 1898 in Anderson Co, SC.
William Wesley Cartee: Birth: 26 JAN 1874 in SC. Death: 10 OCT 1961 in Anderson Co, SC
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Mary Judith Carter (Batts): Birth: 1611 in England. Death: 1666 in Norfolk County, Virginia
Mary Carter (Butler): Birth: 1726 in Stafford County, Virginia. Death: 1783 in Stafford County, Virginia
TBD Carter (Cheasum): Birth: 1657. Death: BET 1693 AND 1752
(Mrs. Martin Wm.) Carter (Dawson): Birth: BET 1734 AND 1761. Death: BET 1783 AND 1829
Mahalah "Hiley" Carter (Green)(Stokes): Birth: 12 OCT 1835. Death: 10 JAN 1884
Mrs. unknown Carter (Martin): Birth: 1807. Death: BET 1821 AND 1901
Mary Carter (McKinney): Birth: 1747 in Carter County, Tennessee. Death: 1846 in Yancey County, North Carolina
Miss unknown Carter (Stewart): Birth: 10 JAN 1793 in Virginia. Death: 18 JAN 1882 in Rye Cove, Scott County, Virginia
(UNK) Carter: Birth: ABT 1732 in Lancaster Co., VA.
Carter: Birth: ABT 1740.
Carter: Birth: ABT 1740.
Carter: Birth: ABT 1740.
Aaron Carter: Birth: 1717 in , Lancaster, Virginia. Death: 1756 in StMarysWhiteChap, Lancaster, Virginia
Aaron Carter: Birth: AFT 1751 in , Lancaster, Virginia.
Abel Carter: Birth: 15 AUG 1835. Death: UNKNOWN
Abner Hawkins Carter: Birth: 1862/3 in Tennessee. Death: 14 DEC 1936 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama
Abner Lee Carter: Birth: 29 DEC 1893 in Alabama. Death: 17 JUL 1966 in Alabama
Abner Carter: Birth: 1789 in South Carolina. Death: 1850 in Tallapoosa, County, Alabama
Abner Carter: Birth: 29 DEC 1892. Death: 15 JUL 1966
Abner Carter: Birth: ABT 1848/9 in Alabama.
Ada Carter: Birth: 27 APR 1870 in Coosa County, Alabama. Death: in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Adaline Carter: Birth: 12 AUG 1837. Death: UNKNOWN
Aglie Zenith Carter: Birth: 8 MAY 1919 in detroit, Lamar County, Alabama. Death: 9 MAY 2013 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan
Agnes Caroline Carter: Birth: 1808 in , Sumpter, South Carolina.
Albert Bruce Carter: Birth: 7 AUG 1865 in Tennessee. Death: 12 AUG 1916 in Madison County, Alabama
Albert Bruce Carter: Birth: 1884 in Toney, Madison County, Alabama.
Albert Carter: Birth: 1891. Death: 6 MAY 1931 in Ripley, Mississippi
Albert Carter: Birth: 24 AUG 1852. Death: UNKNOWN
Albert Carter: Birth: 1899 in OK IT.
Alcinda "alcey" "alice" Carter: Birth: 26 JUN 1753 in , Lancaster, Virginia. Death: 1775/6 in , Lancaster, Virginia
Alcy Carter: Birth: ABT 1850.
Alden Carter: Birth: ABT 1884.
Alexander Carter: Birth: 16 JUN 1758 in Overwharton Par, Stafford, Virginia. Death: 1824 in Chester County, South Carolina
Alexander Carter: Birth: 1833 in Cherokee Nation. Death: in Cherokee Nation
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1720.
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1803 in Cherokee Nation East.
Alexander Carter: Birth: 1688 in Isle of Wight Co, Virginia.
Alexander CARTER: Birth: 20 JAN 1786 in North Carolina. Death: 5 AUG 1852 in Carroll County, Tennessee
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1803 in Cherokee Nat, East.
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1849 in NC.
Alexander Carter: Birth: 1817. Death: 1858
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1700 in Virginia.
Alexander Carter: Birth: ABT 1700 in Virginia.
Alfred T. Carter: Birth: 10 AUG 1813 in Ohio County, kentucky. Death: 6 NOV 1843 in Ohio County, kentucky
Alfred Carter: Birth: ABT 1804 in Georgia.
Alfred Carter: Birth: ABT 1804 in Ga.
Alfred Carter: Birth: ABT 1843 in Al.
Alfred Carter: Birth: ABT 1847. Death: 1850 in Tallapoosa Co, AL
Alfred Carter: Birth: AFT 1804. Death: in (United States)
Alice Carter: Birth: ABT 1736 in , Lancaster, Virginia, USA. Death: 1776 in , Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Alice Carter: Birth: 5 NOV 1595 in Kempston, Bedfordshire, England. Death: 7 JAN 1596 in Kempston Parish, Bedfordshire, , England
Alice CARTER: Birth: 1519 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England.
Alice Carter: Birth: 24 AUG 1603. Death: 4 SEP 1678 in Leverton Island, Bahamas
Alicia Martha Carter: Birth: 2 APR 1806 in Atkins Branch, Buncombe County, North Carolina. Death: 21 MAY 1883 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Allan Leroy Pendleton CARTER: Birth: 1871 in Gerrardstown, Berkley County, WV. Death: 1944 in Baltimore, MD.
Allen Gassaway Carter: Birth: 1787.
Allen Gassaway Carter: Birth: ABT 1787.
Allen Gassaway Carter: Birth: ABT 1787.
Allen Gassaway Carter: Birth: ABT 1812 in SC.
Allen Carter: Birth: 15 DEC 1787 in , Goochland, Virginia. Death: 15 FEB 1816
Allice Carter: Birth: EST 1898.
Allie Alma Carter: Birth: 25 FEB 1893.
Almar CARTER: Birth: 31 MAY 1910. Death: 1 JUN 1910
Alonzo Carter: Birth: 11 MAR 1870. Death: UNKNOWN
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