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a. Note:   eige of Damieta in Egypt in 1147. 3rd Earl of Dunbar, is styled in some charters, Cospatricius comesfilius Cospatricii. In a charter printed by the Surtees Society,entitled "Conventio inter Gaufridum et Cospatricium sive Waldevum," hecalls himself in the body of it "Cospatricium filium ConsulisGospatricii, and refers to Gospatricio et filio suo Ade qui primusWaltheof vocatus est. He signs himself Vice-comes in the charters in1126. Raine's Durham, App. xv. xvi. [From History of Dunbar Hume andDundas from Drummond's Noble British Families, William Pickering,London 1846]
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