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a. Continued:   Top of Form 1 Bottom of Form 1 Top of Form 2 Re: Charles Melson and Frances Chaudoin Posted by: BillNelson </cgi-genforum/email.cgi?827396998>(ID*****6998) Date: February 16, 2008 at 09:43:44 In Reply to: Re: Charles Melson and Frances Chaudoin <362.html> byLinda Ridge of 392 Bottom of Form 2 Here is the little I have. Fill in the blanks forme. William Carner and Jane (Melson) Carner had the following kids:1. Elijah (1803-aft 1850) married Elizabeth ____ about 1823. He islisted with six boys and five girls in 1840, farming in Bedford. In1850 the kids at home were Mary 24, Eliza 20, Sarah 18, Joel 20, James16, Daniel 14, Elizabeth 12, Robert 10, and Frances 8. Oldest sonWilliam (1824-aft 1880) married to Mary Jane Fraling in 1846 and wouldgo on to have six kids in Bedford. Elijah farmed with no slaves,unlike his brothers. I think he and his wife died in the 1850s becauseI cannot find them in the 1860 census and the young kids, Robert andFrances were with Elijah’s brother John. Daniel was with his brotherWilliam. In 1870 William listed two blacks, Amanda 16 and Jack Carner10, in his household. A couple of young freed slaves. 2. Allen(1804-aft 1860) married Elizabeth Spindle (1815-aft 1870). He was afarmer and Methodist minister who, by 1860 was the proud owner of nineslaves. Allen’s kids in 1860 were Mary 16, John W. 14, Henry A. 13,Cornelia 8, and Martha 8. Some of the slaves were the same ages as hiskids so I suppose they all played together. Allen spent some time inPesquimans County, N. C., but spent his last years in SpotsylvaniaCounty, Va. After the was some of his ex-slaves took the name“Carnear”--I wonder if they were asked to spell the name different. 3.Elias (1807-aft 1880) stayed in Bedford all his life. In 1835 hemarried Susan Benson, but by 1850 he was a widower and had John 15,James 10, and Mary 5. In 1851 he married Jennetta Lloyd (1820-aft1880) and had a second family. In 1860 Elias is shown as the owner offour slaves; that year he valued his land at $2500 and the personalproperty at $3200. With no slaves left after the war, Elias’ personalproperty was down to $417. 4. John H.(1809-1850s) married MarindaNoble (1819-aft 1860) in 1843 and farmed all his life in Bedford.Their kids and year of birth: Samuel H. 1844, William A. 1845, James1846, Mary 1847, James 1850, Elijah 1852, John C. 1854, Edward E.1856, Joseph M. 1859, and Sarah E. 1861. Marinda, a widow, had all thekids at home in 1860. Ironically, although John was one of the Carnerwho owned no slaves \, his eldest son, Samuel, died by disease in 1865while in the Confederate army. (NOTE: this family is indexed as“Comer” in 1850.) 5. Belinda (abt 1812-aft 1870) married William Betz(1815-aft 1870) in 1836. They farmed in Bedford until shortly aftermother Jane died; then, about 1847, along with William’s brother Johnand his family, They moved to Missouri, first to Callaway County thenfurther west to Bates County where they had a $1000 farm in 1870.Bates borders on Kansas. The Betz’s’ were not slave owners; I don’tknow where they stood in the Civil War. William and Belinda had thefollowng kids (ages in 1860): Allen (Alvin?) 23, a teacher; Sarah J.21, Martha F. 19, John F. 17, Elizabeth A. 15, Mary J. 12, Julie E.10, William H. 8, and James D. 5. All the kids were born before themove to Missouri. 6. Martha Ann (1814-aft 1850), who lived with Janeall her life, never married.] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.