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a. Note:   to be equally divided among they shall think fit..."William was apparently married by this time as the deed is to "Williamand his heirs", while specifying only John Daniel as the otherpartner. The deed does not state that they are brothers.2 S878] Mannikin Town, Register containing the baptisms made in thechurch of the French refugees at Mannikintown, in Virgina (MannikinTown, Virginia: n.p., unknown publish date), Family History Library,Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, 1. Hereafter cited as MannikinRegister. [S890] Ruth Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records:Deed & Will Abstracts of Albemarle County, Virginia 1748-1752:Albemarle County Deeds and Wills No 1: May 1748 - 21 September 1752(McLean, Virginia: The Antient Press, 1990), 55. Hereafter cited asAlbemarle Deeds & Will Abstracts. [S877] Lee Wieschaus and Cella Wieschaus, Wieschaus & Carner Families(Birmingham, Alabama: s.p., [1989]). Limited distribution, FamilyHistory Library, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, 88. [S878] Mannikin Town, Mannikin Register, 19.
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