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Ella Elizabeth Christie: Birth: 27 SEP 1857. Death: UNKNOWN
Ella May Christie: Birth: 25 AUG 1900 in Cherokee Ntn, OK IT. Death: Deceased
Ella Christie: Birth: 22 MAR 1898 in OK IT.
Ellen Elizabeth Christie: Birth: 27 SEP 1857 in Mount Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: 3 SEP 1897 in Claremore, Cooweescoowee Dist.(Rogers Cty, OK)
Evan Charles Christie: Birth: 20 SEP 1860 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: 18 MAY 1898 in Smith Cty, TX
George Washington Christie: Birth: 7 SEP 1859 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: 9 JAN 1933 in Westville, Adair, OK
James Christie: Birth: 16 NOV 1871 in Tahlequah Dist, CN, OK IT. Death: 26 OCT 1944 in Westville, Adair, OK.
Jane Christie: Birth: ABT 1780. Death: 17 JUN 1824
John Francis Marion Christie: Birth: 18 MAR 1833 in Newberry Dist, SC. Death: 11 DEC 1912 in Christie, Adair, OK
John Thomas Christie: Birth: JAN 1899 in Cherokee Ntn, OK IT. Death: Deceased
Katie Christie: Birth: 24 OCT 1881 in Flint Dist, CN, OK IT. Death: 9 DEC 1948 in Talahina, LeFlore, OK
Lucy Goodin Christie: Birth: 15 SEP 1866 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: 30 DEC 1892
Lucy J Christie: Birth: 5 MAY 1896 in Cherokee Ntn, OK IT. Death: Deceased
Mary Belle Christie: Birth: 11 AUG 1893 in OK IT.
Mr. unknown Christie: Birth: ABT 1865.
Nancy E Christie: Birth: 1864.
Nancy Emma Christie: Birth: 15 JUL 1863 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: Deceased
Ollie Christie: Birth: 14 JUL 1895 in OK IT.
Opal Christie: Birth: 13 SEP 1919 in Limestone County, Texas. Death: 23 MAY 1933 in Winters, Runnels County, texas
Preston W Christie: Birth: AFT 1896 in Smith Cty, TX.
Rachel Christie: Birth: 2 APR 1879 in Tahlequah District, Cherokee Ntn, OK IT. Death: 22 DEC 1946 in Cherokee Cty, OK.
Sampson Christie: Birth: 10 OCT 1869 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX. Death: 6 MAR 1890 in Cherokee Ntn, OK IT
Simeon Christie: Birth: 1865 in Mt Tabor, Rusk, TX.
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Nancy Ann Rice Christmas: Birth: 20 MAR 1802 in St Helena Parish, Louisiana. Death: 19 MAR 1872 in Baker, Louisiana
Roy B. Christmas: Birth: 14 SEP 1902 in Indiana. Death: 19 JUN 1966 in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana
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(daughter) Christopher: Birth: 1 DEC 1875. Death: 1 DEC 1875
Alsop C. Christopher: Birth: 6 APR 1839 in Blount County, Tennessee. Death: 10 OCT 1916 in Sevierville, Sevier County, Tennessee
Alzena (Alenza) CHRISTOPHER: Birth: 10 AUG 1858 in , Blount Co., TN. Death: 31 AUG 1910 in , Blount Co., TN
Brownlow Christopher: Birth: 1874 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Death: 22 AUG 1944 in Blount County, Tennessee
Bruce Christopher: Birth: ABT 1865.
Cahrles "Charlie" B. Christopher: Birth: ABT 1871.
John Nelson Christopher: Birth: 1909. Death: 1985
John Robinson Christopher: Birth: 12 JUL 1879. Death: 20 FEB 1953
John Christopher: Birth: ABT 1810 in Tennessee.
Jr. Morris Christopher: Birth: 8 JAN 1813 in Washington Co, IN. Death: 31 JUL 1888 in Washington Co, IN
Kemsey Christopher: Birth: ABT 1816.
M. Zebulon Christopher: Birth: 23 DEC 1846. Death: 7 JAN 1940
Mary Ann Christopher: Birth: 1848 in Georgia.
Mary Ann Christopher: Birth: 1845.
Nancy Christopher: Birth: 1855 in Georgia.
Patty Sue Christopher: Birth: 13 SEP 1881. Death: 25 JAN 1933
Robert Ross Christopher: Birth: 6 JAN 1878. Death: 19 APR 1884
ry Etta Christopher: Birth: 1872.
Sarah Ann Christopher: Birth: 21 AUG 1877.
Sarah Christopher: Birth: ABT 1760.
Thomas Z. Christopher: Birth: 5 MAR 1895.
Walter Mac Christopher: Birth: 15 MAR 1884. Death: 10 MAY 1960
William Andrew Christopher: Birth: 30 APR 1867.
William P. Christopher: Birth: 3 NOV 1885. Death: 21 JUL 1938
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Eric 'Clipping' Christophson: Birth: 1249 in Denmark. Death: 22 NOV 1286
Beulah CHRITIAN: Birth: 30 JUL 1889 in Walker County, Alabama. Death: 21 APR 1966
Rhodobertus Chrodobertus: Birth: 635. Death: 678
J. Ezra CHRONISTER: Birth: 3 DEC 1876. Death: 19 JUN 1942
John R. Chronister: Birth: 30 JUN 1846. Death: 22 SEP 1898
Viola Chronister: Birth: 8 JAN 1910. Death: 24 OCT 1984
ZORA (Jora A.) CHRONISTER: Birth: 25 DEC 1874 in Stanley, NC. Death: 19 APR 1969 in Alexis Baptist Church Cemetery, Gaston Co, NC
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Hollis Lorenzo Chubbuck: Birth: ABT 1840.
Elizabeth Chudleigh: Birth: 1650.
James Chudleigh: Birth: 1351 in Broadclist Manor, Devonshire, England.
James Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1390 in Asheton, St. Thomas, Devonshire, England. Death: 8 FEB 1456/7 in Asheton, St. Thomas, Devonshire, England
James Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1360 in Asheton, St. Thomas, Devonshire, England. Death: 1402 in Asheton, St. Thomas, Devonshire, England
Jennie Chulate: Birth: 1875 in Flint Dist, Cherokee Ntn, OK IT.
Malinda Chumbley: Birth: APR 1846 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Death: UNKNOWN
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Lloyd Breckenridge CHUMLEY: Birth: 29 MAR 1915 in KS. Death: 19 JAN 2001 in Salina, Saline Co., KS
Cecelia Chunn: Birth: 28 JUL 1795 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Death: 30 SEP 1838
Celia CHUNN: Death: 30 SEP 1838 in NC
Thomas Chunn: Birth: EST 1775.
Alice CHURCH: Birth: 1 MAY 1905 in McDowell County, NC. Death: 21 MAY 1995 in Marion, McDowell County, NC
Alonzo Church: Birth: ABT 1835.
Benjamin Church: Birth: ABT 1638. Death: 17 JAN 1717/8
Charlie Lee Church: Birth: 6 JAN 1893. Death: 16 NOV 1956 in BUR:CLAREMORE OK.
Christy Lou Church: Birth: 1950. Death: 1953
Elizabeth Church: Birth: ABT 1665. Death: 1691
Frances Church: Birth: EST 1895.
Hannah Elvira Church: Birth: ABT 1825 in Tennessee.
James Church: Birth: 1540 in Of, , Kent, England.
Jesse C Church: Birth: EST 1857.
Margaret "Maggie" J. Church: Birth: 27 MAY 1876.
Richard Church: Birth: ABT 1608 in England. Death: 27 DEC 1668 in Dedham, Massachusetts
Roger Lloyd Church: Birth: 1921. Death: 1953
Sarah Church: Birth: 1694 in Virginia.
Sarah Church: Birth: 1694 in Albemarle, Albemarle Co, Virginia.
Thomasyn Church: Birth: 1566 in Beaksbourne, Kent, England.
Anne Churchill: Birth: 28 FEB 1682 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. Death: 15 APR 1716
Arabella Churchill: Birth: 28 FEB 1647/8 in Ashe House, Musbury, Devonshire, England. Death: 4 MAY 1730 in London, Middlesex, England
John Churchill: Birth: 24 JUN 1650 in Ash, Devonshire, England. Death: 16 JUN 1722 in Windsor, Berkshire, England
John Churchill: Death: 2 OCT 1912
Pricilla Bladen Churchill: Birth: 21 DEC 1705 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
Clyde Leonard CHURCHMAN: Birth: 6 OCT 1897. Death: 15 MAR 1996 in Jefferson County, TN.
Martha Evelyn CHURCHMAN: Birth: 18 JUN 1929 in Jefferson County, TN.. Death: 22 JUL 1976 in Jefferson County, TN.
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