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Robert De Quincy: Birth: ABT 1186 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. Death: AUG 1257 in London, Middlesex, England
Robert De Quincy: Birth: BET 1171 AND 1201. Death: 1217 in London, England
Roger De Quincy: Birth: ABT 1174 in Buckley, Northampton, England. Death: 25 APR 1264 in Brackley, Northants, England
Saher De Quincy: Birth: BET 1082 AND 1129. Death: BET 1156 AND 1213
Saier De Quincy: Birth: BET 1170 AND 1195. Death: BET 1187 AND 1247
Saire De Quincy: Birth: 1155 in Earl of Winchester. Death: 03 NOV 1219 in Holy Land; He was a Crusader in 1219.
Sir Robert De Quincy: Birth: ABT 1120 in Winchester, England. Death: 1198 in England
Alix De Montdidier De Rameru: Birth: 1105 in France. Death: 1149
Emma De Ramsey: Birth: 1062 in Carrick, Arguyll, Scotland.
Amelie De Razes: Birth: ABT 1000 in Toulouse, Languedoc, Haute-Garonne, France. Death: 1072
Arnaud De Razes: Birth: ABT 975 in Aubnay, Nord, France. Death: 1037
Odon Ier De Razes: Birth: ABT 950 in Aubnay, Nord, France. Death: APR 1011
Parovius De Reims: Birth: ABT 490.
Pretextat De Reims: Birth: ABT 467.
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Lucy De Remilly: Birth: ABT 1090.
Bertha De Remy: Birth: ABT 845. Death: BET 873 AND 939
? De Rennes: Birth: 855 in France, Brittany, Rennes.
Berenger De Rennes: Birth: 882 in RENNES,FRANCE. Death: BET 891 AND 991
Berenger De Rennes: Birth: 860 in RENNES,FRANCE.
Gurvand De Rennes: Birth: 848. Death: 877
Judicael De Rennes: Birth: 868 in Rennes, France.
Miss De Rennes: Birth: ABT 879.
Paskwitan De Rennes: Birth: ABT 902 in RENNES,FRANCE. Death: BET 891 AND 984
Tertulla de Rennes: Birth: ABT 824 in Rennes, Anjou, France. Death: ABT 851
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Alice De Rethel Of Jerusalem: Birth: ABT 1118 in Jerusalem, Palestine. Death: AFT 1136
Adela De Rethel: Birth: ABT 1020.
Baldwin II King Of Jerusalem De Rethel: Birth: 1058 in Rethel,Ardennes,France. Death: 21 AUG 1131
Manasses De Rethel: Birth: 990. Death: ABT 1050
William De Reviers: Birth: 1092 in Vernon, Normandy, France. Death: 1175
Alice De Rheims: Birth: 1014 in Soissons, Aisneons, France. Death: 1063
Agnes De Ribemont: Birth: ABT 1060 in Ribemont, Aisne, Picardy, France.
Emmaline De Ridelsford: Birth: ABT 1223 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death: 1276
Walter De Ridelsford: Birth: ABT 1204 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death: BEF 12 DEC 1244
Eudo De Rie: Birth: ABT 1063 in Normandy,France. Death: ABT 1088 in England
Blanch De Rieux: Birth: ABT 1030 in Normandie Province, France.
Lucienne de Rochefort: Birth: 1088 in Rochefort, Savoie.
Thomas De Rockeby: Birth: BET 1350 AND 1426. Death: BET 1386 AND 1502
Catherine De Roet: Birth: 1350 in Picardy, Somme, France. Death: 10 MAY 1403 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Duchess Of Lancaster Katherine Swynford De Roet: Birth: 1350 in Picardy, Somme, France. Death: 10 MAY 1403 in , Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Katherine De Roet: Birth: BET 1336 AND 1355. Death: BET 1362 AND 1440
Payn De Roet: Birth: ABT 1310 in Hainault, Belgium. Death: BET 1353 AND 1402
Agnes De Rokesley: Birth: 1299 in of Westwood In,Preston,England. Death: BEF 22 DEC 1346
Richard De Rollos: Birth: ABT 1060 in Normandy, France.
Richard De Rollos: Birth: ABT 1035.
Alice Baroness Percy De Ros: Birth: 1071 in England. Death: 1151
Euphemia Queen of Scotland De Ros: Birth: ABT 1280 in Ross & Comarty,Scotland. Death: 1387
Lucy De Ros: Birth: BET 1240 AND 1299. Death: BET 1265 AND 1376
Margaret de Ros: Death: 10 DEC 1488
Robert De Ros: Birth: ABT 1130 in England. Death: ABT 1166
Sir Robert De Ros: Birth: ABT 1223 in Helmsley,York,England. Death: 17 MAY 1285 in Bur Kirkham,Yorks.,England
Sir William De Ros: Birth: AFT 1192 in Helmsley,Yorks.,England. Death: 1264 in Bur Kirkham,Yorks.,England
Thomas Baron Ros De Ros: Birth: 26 SEP 1406 in Belvoir Castle,Leicestershire,England. Death: 18 AUG 1431 in France
Thomas de Ros: Birth: 09 SEP 1427. Death: 14 MAY 1464
William I Lord De Ros: Birth: ABT 1250 in Helmsley,Yorks.,England. Death: 16 AUG 1316 in Buried Kirkham,Yorks,England
William III Lord De Ros: Birth: 19 MAY 1329 in Frieston,Lincolnshire,England. Death: BEF 03 DEC 1352 in Sp Overseas
William De Ros: Birth: BET 1186 AND 1225. Death: BET 1212 AND 1302
William De Ros: Birth: BET 1212 AND 1263. Death: BET 1240 AND 1338
Alice De Rouci: Birth: BET 990 AND 1010. Death: BET 1038 AND 1109
Margaret De Rouci: Birth: 1035. Death: 1110
Ade De Roucy: Birth: 1120 in France. Death: 1162
Adele Countess De Brienne De Roucy: Birth: 1030 in France. Death: 1106
Adele De Roucy: Birth: 1054 in Switzerland. Death: 1106
Alice De Roucy: Birth: 1014. Death: 1063 in Soissons,Aisne,Picardy,France
Alice De Roucy: Birth: ABT 1001 in Roucy, Aisne, France. Death: 1063
Ebles De Roucy: Birth: ABT 996 in Reims, Champagne, France. Death: 1034
Judith De Roucy: Birth: ABT 988 in Roucy, Aisnes, Pays De La Loire, France. Death: ABT 1056
Renaud De Roucy: Birth: 920. Death: 15 MAR 973
Unknown De Roucy: Birth: BET 940 AND 973. Death: BET 991 AND 1052
Emmeline De Rouen: Birth: ABT 1010.
Gozelin De Rouen: Birth: 995.
Havlive de Rouen: Birth: 968 in France, Normandy.
Adelaide De Rouergue: Birth: 949 in Carcassonne, Aude, France. Death: AFT 1011
Girard De Rousilo: Birth: 878.
Herleve De Ruen: Birth: 968.
Alice De Rumely: Birth: BET 1075 AND 1124. Death: BET 1101 AND 1169
Cecily De Rumilly: Birth: ABT 1076 in Normandy, France.
Cecily De Rumilly: Birth: ABT 1100 in Normandy, France. Death: BET 1129 AND 1194
Ingelram De Rumilly: Birth: 1060 in Loci, Normandie, France. Death: 1096 in Skipton, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Robert De Rumilly: Birth: 1072 in Normandy, France. Death: BET 1104 AND 1163
Gersinde De Sabran: Birth: ABT 1181 in Of, Forcalquiers, Basses-Alpes, France. Death: AFT 1209
Isabel de Saddyngton: Death: BEF 1377
Agnes De Saint Clare: Birth: ABT 1049 in England. Death: BET 1083 AND 1144
Waldron De Saint Clare: Birth: ABT 1015 in France. Death: BET 1057 AND 1106
Bernard De Saint Valery: Birth: 947 in Saint-Valery-en-caux, France.
Emma De Saint Valery: Birth: 950 in Saint-Valery-en-caux, France. Death: 977
Gilbert De Saint Valery: Birth: 977 in Saint-Valery-en-caux, France.
Mrs. Pappa De Saint Valery: Birth: 980 in Normandy, France.
Mrs. De Saint Valery: Birth: 925 in Saint Valery, France.
Reginald De Saint Valery: Birth: 919 in Saint Valery, France.
Maude de Saint-Liz: Death: ABT 1161
Nigel De Saint-Sauveur: Birth: ABT 910. Death: ABT 972
Nigel De Saint-Sauveur: Birth: ABT 945 in St. Sauveur, Seine-Maritime, France.
NĂ£el De Saint-Sauveur: Birth: 944 in St. Sauveur, Seine-Maritime, France. Death: 1042
Windesmode Countess De Brienne De Salins: Birth: 970 in France. Death: BET 1001 AND 1064
Alisona De Saluzza: Birth: ABT 1271 in Saluzza, Italy. Death: 25 SEP 1292 in England
Alasia De Saluzzo: Birth: BET 1244 AND 1272. Death: 25 SEP 1292 in Arundel,Sussex,England
Folchaide De Salzburg: Birth: BET 594 AND 649. Death: BET 626 AND 730
Robert De Salzburg: Birth: BET 564 AND 620. Death: 677

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