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Alceba Jane Webster: Birth: 15 Dec 1856.
Alexander McDonough Webster: Birth: 2 Aug 1823 in Ames, Montgomery Co., NY.
Alexander Webster: Birth: 16 Mar 1766 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. Death: 1 Jun 1836 in Oneida, Madison Co., NY
Alexander Webster: Birth: 23 Feb 1792 in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., NY. Death: 24 Sep 1848 in Owego, Tioga Co., NY
Alfe Bell Webster: Birth: 1 Feb 1884 in Mills, Potter Co., PA.
Alfred Castle Webster: Birth: 30 May 1881 in Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA.
Alfred Cleaveland Webster: Birth: 30 Jun 1873 in Harrisburg, PA.
Alfred Constant Webster: Birth: 15 Jan 1828 in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. Death: 28 Oct 1863 in Assyria, Barry Co., MI
Alfred Lester Webster: Birth: 13 Aug 1871 in West Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY.
Alfred Morton Webster: Birth: 28 Sep 1819 in Stamford, Delaware Co., NY.
Alfred Webster: Birth: 17 Sep 1835 in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 12 Feb 1870 in Rock Island, IL
Alfred Webster: Birth: 27 Feb 1821 in probably in Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY. Death: ABT 1826 in at 5 yrs of age.
Alfred Webster: Birth: 1 Aug 1817 in Troy, Richland Co., OH. Death: 28 Sep 1830 in Troy, Richland Co., OH
Alfred Webster: Birth: 6 Jan 1798 in Lebanon, Tolland Co., CT. Death: 3 Feb 1843 in Braintree, Orange Co., VT
Alfred Webster: Birth: 1801 in Canaan, Columbia Co., NY. Death: 13 Jan 1876 in Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA
Alfred Webster: Birth: 4 Aug 1808. Death: 12 Feb 1870 in New Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY
Alfred Webster: Birth: 10 Dec 1837 in Brookfield, Orange Co., VT.
Alice Almira Webster: Birth: 28 Jun 1852 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. Death: 5 Feb 1902
Alice Amelia Webster: Birth: 17 Aug 1852 in Canton, Bradford Co., PA.
Alice Belle Webster: Birth: 8 May 1862 in Lima, OH.
Alice Eliza Webster: Birth: 31 Aug 1869 in Lyra, Blue Earth Co., MN.
Alice Elizabeth Webster: Birth: 25 Feb 1848.
Alice Ellen Webster: Birth: 26 Feb 1862 in Crown Point, Essex Co., NY.
Alice Eveline Webster: Birth: 18 May 1885 in Springfield, MA.
Alice Eveline Webster: Birth: 28 Aug 1858 in Fabius, Onondaga Co., NY.
Alice Evelyn Webster: Birth: 5 Apr 1858 in Gilead, Tolland Co., CT.
Alice Gertrude Webster: Birth: 29 Dec 1878 in East Charleston, Tioga Co., PA.
Alice Gertrude Webster: Birth: 20 Mar 1870 in Brighton, Canada.
Alice Louise Webster: Birth: 22 Jan 1890.
Alice Maria Webster: Birth: 22 Jan 1860.
Alice Mary Webster: Birth: 25 Aug 1843. Death: 4 Mar 1873
Alice Maud Webster: Birth: 20 Jan 1891 in Grand Forks, ND. Death: 13 Dec 1891 in Pasadena, CA
Alice May Webster: Birth: 31 Jul 1871 in Roxbury, Washington Co., VT. Death: 10 Apr 1899 in Roxbury, Washington Co., VT
Alice Miranda Webster: Birth: 7 Jan 1837 in Ray, Macomb Co., MI.
Alice Webster: Birth: 26 Nov 1859 in River Falls, Pierce Co., WI. Death: 21 Oct 1863
Alice Webster: Birth: 4 Jun 1865 in Hadley, Lapeer Co., MI. Death: 5 Oct 1866
Alice Webster: Birth: 1844 in Hudson, Columbia Co., NY.
Allen Arnold Webster: Birth: 28 Mar 1878 in Waterloo, Shefford Co., Quebec, Canada. Death: 12 Jul 1878 in Waterloo, Shefford Co., Quebec, Canada
Allen F. Webster: Birth: 10 Sep 1820 in Sullivan, Tioga Co., PA. Death: 22 Jan 1876 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA
Allen Francis Webster: Birth: 31 Jan 1888. Death: 28 Feb 1893
Allen James Webster: Birth: 12 Jun 1879 in Shippen, Tioga Co., PA.
Allen Webster: Birth: 4 Oct 1842 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY.
Allen Webster: Birth: ABT 1765 in probably in Oxford Parish, East Hartford, CT. Death: 27 Dec 1851
Allen Webster: Birth: 1 Nov 1780 in East Hartford, CT. Death: 15 Jan 1861 in Epworth, Dubuque Co., IA
Allen Webster: Birth: 23 Nov 1805 in Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., MA. Death: 30 Nov 1874 in Sullivan, Tioga Co., PA
Allen Webster: Birth: 20 Jul 1780 in West Hartford, CT.
Alma A. Webster: Birth: 5 Nov 1850 in Lenox, Ashtabula Co., OH. Death: 8 Jun 1916
Alma Ella Webster: Birth: 19 Aug 1852 in Williamstown, Orange Co., VT. Death: 3 Jun 1857
Alma Ruth Webster: Birth: 6 Aug 1882 in Kendall, Orleans Co., NY.
Alma Webster: Birth: ABT 1796.
Almaretta Adelaide Webster: Birth: 21 Jun 1880 in Waterloo, Shefford Co., Quebec, Canada.
Almeda Ann Webster: Birth: 6 Dec 1831 in Pierpont, Ashtabula Co., OH. Death: 17 Jan 1910 in Buena Vista, Portage Co., WI
Almeda Elizabeth Webster: Birth: 17 Aug 1859 in Chatham, Columbia Co., NY.
Almeda Webster: Birth: 1 Mar 1810 in East Bloomfield, NY.
Almeria Patience Webster: Birth: Jun 1833 in Green Township, Erie Co., PA. Death: 17 Jan 1878 in Erie Co., PA
Almeron Webster: Birth: 1796 in New York. Death: 1826 in Parma Center, NY
Almira Anna Webster: Birth: 7 Mar 1817. Death: 9 Apr 1891 in Nichols, Tioga Co., NY
Almira C. Webster: Birth: 29 May 1840. Death: 14 Mar 1904 in Buena Vista, Portage Co., WI
Almira Webster: Birth: 3 Jun 1842 in Bath, Steuben Co., NY.
Almira Webster: Birth: 7 Oct 1823 in Florida, Herkimer Co., NY. Death: 12 Aug 1858 in Attica, Wyoming Co., NY
Almon Moore Webster: Birth: 11 Mar 1826. Death: 30 Mar 1858 in Green River, Columbia Co., NY
Almon Webster: Birth: 5 May 1860 in Ulysses, Potter Co., PA.
Almon Webster: Birth: 26 Dec 1834 in Hampden, Geauga Co., OH. Death: 26 Apr 1862 in Keokuk Military Hospital, Iowa
Almon Webster: Birth: ABT 4 Jun 1793.
Almon Webster: Birth: 16 May 1904 in Sherman, Dunn Co., WI. Death: 30 May 1904
Alonson Webster: Birth: 9 Jun 1797 in probably in Hampton, Washington Co., NY.
Alonzo Alanson Webster: Birth: 15 Jan 1817 in Sheldon, Franklin Co., VT.
Alonzo David Webster: Birth: 13 Jan 1847 in Wellington, Lorain Co., OH.
Alonzo Deloss Webster: Birth: 8 Jul 1819 in Middlefield, Otsego Co., NY.
Alonzo Elijah Webster: Birth: 23 Feb 1816. Death: 19 May 1856 in Sandusky, Erie Co., OH
Alonzo Frederick Webster: Birth: 28 Aug 1837 in Adrian, MI.
Alonzo Webster: Birth: 28 Jul 1815 in East Roxbury, Washington Co., VT. Death: 30 Dec 1815
Alphleda Webster: Birth: 1788. Death: 30 Jun 1862 in Lee Centre, Oneida Co., NY
Alta Mae Webster: Birth: 14 Feb 1858 in 3jul1952.
Altha May Webster: Birth: 19 Oct 1878 in Home, Montcalm Co., MI.
Althea Webster: Birth: 11 Feb 1787 in Worthington, Hampshire Co., MA.
Alvah Harrison Webster: Birth: 9 Jul 1816 in Grafton, Rensselaer Co., NY. Death: 22 Nov 1884 in Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co., NY
Alvah Webster: Birth: 21 Sep 1821 in Austerlitz, Columbia Co., NY.
Alvah Webster: Birth: 19 Sep 1803 in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., NY. Death: 25 Jun 1880 in Savona, Steuben Co., NY
Alvan Norton Webster: Birth: 5 Apr 1829 in Sullivan, Tioga Co., PA.
Alvin Webster: Birth: 10 Apr 1846 in Middlebury, Wyoming Co., NY. Death: 4 Sep 1846
Alvina Webster: Birth: 23 May 1818. Death: 22 Oct 1871 in Irving Park, Cook Co., IL
Ama Altana Webster: Birth: 9 Dec 1814 in Smithville, Chenango Co., NY. Death: 4 Dec 1889 in Tuscarora, Steuben Co., NY
Amanda Jane Webster: Birth: 25 May 1836 in Roxbury, Washington Co., VT. Death: 25 Mar 1841
Amanda Lorena Webster: Birth: 14 Mar 1859 in Sullivan, Tioga Co., PA. Death: 20 Mar 1872
Amanda Louisa Webster: Birth: 1815. Death: 16 Apr 1832 in Vernon, Oneida Co., NY
Amanda Louisa Webster: Birth: 9 May 1832 in Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY.
Amanda Maria Webster: Birth: 8 Sep 1832 in Oldtown, Meigs Co., OH. Death: 14 May 1865 in Cincinnati, OH
Amanda Webster: Birth: 26 Jul 1826 in New Marlborough (Southfield), Berkshire Co., MA.
Amanda Webster: Birth: 25 Jan 1839 in West Jersey, Stark Co., IL. Death: 30 Mar 1856
Amanda Webster: Birth: 9 Feb 1797 in Poultney, VT.
Amanda Webster: Birth: 29 Sep 1800 in West Granville, Washington Co., NY.
Amanda Webster: Birth: 3 Jan 1819 in Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY.
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