Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Mary E. Silk was born 1862 in <Melancthon>. She was the daughter of Joseph Silk and Sarah Jane Sides.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Joseph Silk was born 23 May 1821-1823 in Wiltshire, England, and died 24 Sep 1902 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.

Sarah Jane Sides was born 19 May 1830 in Mono Twp., Ontario, and died 1908 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.

Children of Sarah Jane /Sides/ and Joseph /Silk/ are:
  1. Anne Jane Silk was born 1852 in <Melancthon>, and died 1943. She married William James Hunter. He was born 1852, and died 1922.

  2. Hannah Silk was born 1856 in <Melancthon>. She married Unk. Church. He died Bef 1891.

  3. William H. Silk was born 1858 in <Melancthon>.

  4. (child) Silk was born Bef 1860 in <Melancthon>.

  5. Joseph Silk was born 10 Mar 1861 in Melancthon Twp., Grey Co., Ont.. He married Sarah M. (Silk). She was born 14 Feb 1860.

  6. Mary E. Silk was born 1862 in <Melancthon>.

  7. Thomas Silk was born 1864 in <Melancthon>.

  8. John Silk was born 1 Jul 1866 in <Melancthon>.

  9. Eliza Silk was born 1868 in Cardwell Co., Ont..

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