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George Sargent: Birth: 4 Feb 1832 in England. Death: 1913
George Sargent: Birth: 1865 in Ontario. Death: 1878
George Sargent: Birth: 1831 in England.
George Sargent: Birth: 1864 in Ontario.
Isabella Sargent: Birth: Aft 1857.
Isabella Sargent: Birth: 1859 in Ontario.
James Sargent: Birth: 1861 in England.
James Sargent: Birth: 1841 in Ontario.
Jane Sargent: Birth: Aft 1856.
Joseph R. Sargent: Birth: 10 Aug 1877 in Ontario. Death: 1955
Margaret "Maggie" Sargent: Birth: 1862 in Ontario. Death: 1901
Margaret Sargent: Birth: 1861 in Ontario.
Mary Jane Sargent: Birth: 1856 in Ontario.
Olive Mildred Sargent: Birth: 23 May 1897 in Barrie, Ontario.
Olive Sargent: Birth: 1869 in Barrie, Ontario.
R. Sargent: Birth: 1853 in England.
Samuel Sargent: Birth: 1859 in England.
Sarah Ida Sargent: Birth: 17 Jul 1872 in Ontario. Death: 1920
Sarah Sargent: Birth: 1855 in England.
Walter Sargent: Birth: 1868 in England.
William J. Sargent: Birth: 1874 in Ontario. Death: 1875
Charles Satchell: Birth: 1879 in USA.
Eliza Satchell: Birth: 1865 in Sunnidale Twp..
Ellen Satchell: Birth: 1870 in Sunnidale Twp..
Frederick Satchell: Birth: 1874 in USA.
George Satchell: Birth: 1836 in England.
George Satchell: Birth: 1862 in Sunnidale Twp..
James Satchell: Birth: 1811.
James Satchell: Birth: 1834 in England.
James Satchell: Birth: 1875 in USA.
James Satchell: Birth: 10 Mar 1873 in Angus, Essa Twp., Ont..
John Satchell: Birth: 1866 in Sunnidale Twp..
Margaret Ellen Satchell: Birth: 24 May 1874 in Sunnidale Twp..
Mary Anne Satchell: Birth: 13 Dec 1877 in Sunnidale Twp..
Mary Anne Satchell: Birth: 1873 in Sunnidale Twp..
Sarah Satchell: Birth: 1864 in Sunnidale Twp..
Thomas Satchell: Birth: 1838-1842 in England.
Thomas Satchell: Birth: 1872 in Sunnidale Twp..
William Satchell: Birth: 1843 in England.
William Satchell: Birth: 26 Jun 1882 in Sunnidale Twp..
William Satchell: Birth: 1868 in Sunnidale Twp..
Francois Saumier dit Lajeunesse: Birth: 27 Oct 1804. Death: 22 Jul 1854
Alexander Saumier: Birth: 1870 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Alexandre Saumier: Birth: Bef 1900.
Angus Saumier: Birth: 1865 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Frederick Saumier: Birth: 1874 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Henry Saumier: Birth: Bef 1901. Death: 1918
Josephine Saumier: Birth: 1872 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Levi Saumier: Birth: 1859 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Marie Saumier: Birth: 1878 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Napoleon Saumier: Birth: 1876 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Oliver Saumier: Birth: 1862 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Onesime Saumier: Birth: 8 Mar 1838 in St. Anicet, Huntingdon, P.Q.. Death: 13 Mar 1903 in Penetanguishene, Ont.
Onesime Saumier: Birth: Bef 1865 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
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Honour Saundercock: Birth: 1772 in South Petherwin, Cornwall. Death: 7 Oct 1844 in Launceton, Cornwall
William Saundercock: Birth: 1741.
(illegible)tha A. Saunders: Birth: 1859 in Ontario.
Saunders: Birth: Bef 1823.
Saunders: Birth: Bef 1817.
?. S. Saunders: Birth: 1838 in Ontario.
Alice Naomi Saunders: Birth: 9 Oct 1861 in Ontario.
Alice Saunders: Birth: 1874 in <Flos Twp.>.
Amos Saunders: Birth: 1867 in Ontario.
Arnold Saunders: Birth: 27 May 1898 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
Arthur Saunders: Birth: 1866 in Ontario.
Byron Cyrus Saunders: Birth: 5 Jan 1863 in Ontario.
Catherine Elizabeth Saunders: Birth: 1863 in Ontario.
Charles W. Saunders: Birth: 25 May 1896 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
Charles Saunders: Birth: 1848 in Ontario.
Clara Saunders: Birth: 1869-1870 in Barrie, Ontario. Death: Mar 1871 in Barrie, Ontario
Edward Saunders: Birth: 1877 in Vespra Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Edwin Saunders: Birth: 1830 in England.
Esther Saunders: Birth: 1870 in Ontario.
Ethel M. Saunders: Birth: 1879 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
Ethel May Saunders: Birth: Nov 1879.
George Saunders: Birth: 22 Oct 1900 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
George Saunders: Birth: 28 Sep 1833 in Ontario. Death: 23 Nov 1904 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont.
George Saunders: Birth: 1855 in Ontario.
Gordon P. Saunders: Birth: 31 Jan 1889 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
Ida May Saunders: Birth: 25 Jan 1867 in Ontario.
Isaac Alonzo Saunders: Birth: 19 Jan 1858 in Ontario.
Jane Saunders: Birth: 1826 in England.
John Timothy Saunders: Birth: 7 Jun 1870 in <Orillia (incl: Matchedash)>.
John Saunders: Birth: 1869 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Lydia Elfrieda Saunders: Birth: 10 May 1865 in Ontario.
Lydia Saunders: Birth: 1872 in <Flos Twp.>.
Margaret Saunders: Birth: 1861 in Ontario.
Margaret Saunders: Birth: 1876 in <Flos Twp.>.
Mary Ann Saunders: Birth: 1811-1815 in England.
Mary Saunders: Birth: Bef 1892.
Matilda Saunders: Birth: 15 Feb 1875 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
May Saunders: Birth: 1865 in Ontario.
Nelson Saunders: Birth: 1858 in Ontario.
Norman Saunders: Birth: 27 Feb 1856 in Ontario.
Phoebe Ann Saunders: Birth: 1865 in Ontario.
Richard Saunders: Birth: 1832 in England.
Robert Uriah Saunders: Birth: 5 Nov 1858 in Ontario.
Robert Saunders: Birth: 1856 in Ontario.
Sarah Josephine Saunders: Birth: 1865 in Ontario.

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