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William J. Stonehouse: Birth: 1878 in <Oro Twp.>.
David C. Storey: Birth: 20 Jan 1900 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
David Storey: Birth: 1820 in Aughagave, Co. Monaghan, Ire.. Death: 12 Mar 1904 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
David Storey: Birth: 1868 in Ontario. Death: 1957
Eliza Ann Storey: Birth: 22 Apr 1867. Death: 28 Oct 1903 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Ellen Victoria Storey: Birth: 2 May 1895 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Erwin Storey: Birth: 1854. Death: 1939 in Vespra Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
John A. Storey: Birth: 1 Dec 1892 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.. Death: 1918
John M. Storey: Birth: 19 Jul 1885 in <Vespra Twp.>.
John Storey: Birth: 1866 in Ontario. Death: 1882 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Margaret Storey: Birth: Est 1865-1885.
Mary Storey: Birth: 1861 in Ancaster, Ont..
Robert Storey: Birth: 5 Nov 1865 in Ontario. Death: 1957
Wesley Storey: Birth: 26 Jun 1898 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.. Death: 1975
Margaret Stork: Birth: 1831 in USA.
(English) Stour: Birth: Bef 1845. Death: 1867-1879
Elizabeth A. Stour: Birth: 1865 in Ontario.
Henry Stour: Birth: 1863 in Ontario.
John Alfred Stour: Birth: 1867 in Ontario.
Mary Stowey: Birth: Bef 1778 in England.
(Dutch) Str???: Death: Bef 1871
Daniel Str???: Birth: 1829 in Ontario.
Harriet Str???: Birth: 1850 in Ontario.
John Str???: Birth: 1840 in Ontario.
Albert Strachan: Birth: Est 1900-1920.
Elizabeth A. Strachan: Birth: 5 Aug 1864. Death: 1936
Elizabeth Strachan: Birth: 1865 in Ontario.
George Strachan: Birth: 1830-1832 in Scotland.
Joseph Strachan: Birth: 1899. Death: 1978
Margaret Strachan: Birth: Abt 1890.
Margaret Strachan: Birth: 1854 in Scotland.
Myrtle Strachan: Birth: Est 1899-1919.
Robert Strachan: Birth: 1855-1856 in Scotland.
Sarah Strachan: Birth: Est 1894-1914 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
William Strachan: Birth: 1860 in Ontario.
Hugh Preston Strang: Birth: 25 Jul 1888 in Goderich, Huron Co., Ont..
Charles Strange: Birth: 1858 in Ontario.
Unk. Strange: Birth: Bef 1840.
Alexander Strath: Birth: 1822 in Scotland.
George Strath: Birth: 1828 in Scotland.
John Strath: Birth: Bef 1807 in Scotland.
(Scottish) Strathearn: Birth: Bef 1815 in Scotland.
(Scottish) Strathearn: Birth: Bef 1810 in Scotland.
Anne S. Strathearn: Birth: 1861 in Ontario.
Christina Strathearn: Birth: 1831 in Scotland. Death: 1863-1870
David S. Strathearn: Birth: 1876 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
David T. Strathearn: Birth: 1855 in Ontario.
David Strathearn: Birth: 1822-1824 in Scotland.
George Strathearn: Birth: 1857 in Ontario.
James Strathearn: Birth: 1825 in Scotland.
James Strathearn: Birth: 1864 in Ontario.
Janet Strathearn: Birth: 1852 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ont..
Jennie B. Strathearn: Birth: 1879 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont..
Jessie Strathearn: Birth: 1832 in Scotland. Death: 1917
John Strathearn: Birth: 1850 in Scotland.
Mary Strathearn: Birth: 1889. Death: 1951
Robert F. Strathearn: Birth: 1858 in Ontario.
William B. Strathearn: Birth: 1851 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ont..
John Strathey: Birth: 1847 in Ontario.
Henry Strathy: Birth: 1847 in Ontario.
John A. Strathy: Birth: 1842 in Ontario.
Ann Eliza Stratton: Birth: 1815 in Isle of Wight, U.K..
Elizabeth Stratton: Birth: 1810 in England. Death: 1877 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Isabella Stratton: Birth: Est 1848-1863.
John Stratton: Birth: Bef 1790 in England.
Margaret Stratton: Birth: 28 Feb 1828. Death: 1903
Mary Jane Stratton: Birth: 1860. Death: 1920
Caroline Streeter?: Birth: Bef 1830 in England.
William H. Strickland: Birth: 1860 in Canada.
William Strickland: Birth: Bef 1845.
Caroline Strigle: Birth: 1867 in Ontario.
John Strigle: Birth: 1828 in Germany.
John Strigle: Birth: 1868 in Ontario.
Margaret Strigle: Birth: 1863 in Ontario.
John Joseph Stritch: Birth: 1851 in Innisfil Twp., Simcoe Co..
Michael Stritch: Birth: Bef 1836.
Anne Strong: Birth: 1844-1846 in Trenton, Ont..
Edward Strong: Birth: Bef 1831.
Eliza Strong: Birth: 1879 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont..
Elizabeth Anne Strong: Birth: 1861.
Elizabeth Strong: Birth: 1838 in Ireland.
Gideon Strong: Birth: 1874 in <Medonte Twp.>.
Harriet Mary Strong: Birth: 1876 in <Medonte Twp.>.
James Henry Strong: Birth: 1863.
James Strong: Birth: 9 Jun 1847 in York Co., Ont.. Death: 24 Apr 1916 in Saskatchewan
Jane Strong: Birth: 1 Oct 1842 in Ireland. Death: 4 Mar 1914 in Meaford, Grey Co., Ont.
John J. Strong: Birth: 1873 in Ontario.
John W. Strong: Birth: Bef 1829.
John Strong: Birth: 1846 in England.
Joseph Hugh Strong: Birth: 1865.
Joseph Strong: Birth: 1844 in Liskey, Ireland. Death: 2 Jun 1916 in Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Lewis Strong: Birth: 1872 in <Medonte Twp.>.
Malvina Jane Strong: Birth: 1859 in Ontario.
Margaret Strong: Birth: 1871 in Ontario.
Michael Strong: Birth: 27 Dec 1804 in Ireland. Death: 7 Feb 1876 in Medonte Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Robert John Strong: Birth: 1870.
Robert Michael Strong: Birth: 14 Jul 1849 in York Co., Ont.. Death: 17 Jul 1901 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont.
Sarah Strong: Birth: 1839 in Ireland. Death: 10 Sep 1912 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont.
Susan Strong: Birth: 1866.
Thomas William Strong: Birth: 1868.

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