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Emily Somers: Birth: 1864.
Frances R. Somers: Birth: Apr 1876 in Barrie, Ontario. Death: 19 Feb 1877 in Barrie, Ontario
Frank Somers: Birth: 1874 in Barrie, Ontario.
Frederick Somers: Birth: 1868 in Barrie, Ontario.
Gabriel T. Somers: Birth: 1867.
George H. Somers: Birth: 1874 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
George O. Somers: Birth: 1860 in Ontario.
George Somers: Birth: 23 May 1836 in Barrie, Ontario.
George Somers: Birth: 1858.
Gustave R. Somers: Birth: 1871 in Barrie, Ontario.
Jacob Somers: Birth: Oct 1870 in Barrie, Ontario. Death: Dec 1870 in Barrie, Ontario
James Somers: Birth: 1798 in Somerset, England.
James Somers: Birth: 1852 in Ontario.
James Somers: Birth: 1873 in Tosorontio Twp..
Jane Somers: Birth: 1855 in Ontario.
John A. Somers: Birth: 1863.
John Somers: Birth: 1853.
Joseph W. Somers: Birth: 1863 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
Joseph Somers: Birth: 1857 in Ontario.
Joseph Somers: Birth: 1 Jul 1824 in Somerset, England.
Mary Sarah Somers: Birth: 1860.
Mary Somers: Birth: 1878 in Tosorontio Twp..
Melina Somers: Birth: 1831-1832 in Somerset, England.
Milton Somers: Birth: 1878 in Barrie, Ontario.
Robert Somers: Birth: Bef 1814 in England.
Robert Somers: Birth: 1850 in Ontario.
Samuel Somers: Birth: 1828 in Somerset, England.
Samuel Somers: Birth: 1866.
Selina Somers: Birth: 1862.
Sophia Somers: Birth: 1858.
Thomas A. Somers: Birth: 1894.
Thomas Somers: Birth: 1865 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
William Somers: Birth: 1877 in Barrie, Ontario.
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Joseph Soncartier: Birth: Bef 1819.
Matilda Soncartier: Birth: 1834-1836 in P.Q..
Pierre Soncartier: Birth: Bef 1857.
(English) Soper: Birth: Bef 1856. Death: 1871-1881 in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Ann M. Soper: Birth: 14 Apr 1849 in England.
James Soper: Birth: 1804 in England.
Loretto Soper: Birth: 1846 in Port Hope, Ont..
Mary E. Soper: Birth: 1871 in Ontario.
Seth Soper: Birth: Bef 1831.
unk. Soper: Birth: Est 1827-1847.
Arthur Benjamin Sorbey: Birth: 1867 in St. Mary's.
Edward B. Sorbey: Birth: Bef 1852.
(son-1) Soules: Birth: Bef 1830.
(son-2) Soules: Birth: Bef 1832.
Daniel Soules: Birth: Bef 1785.
David Soules: Birth: 1793 in P.Q..
Elizabeth Soules: Birth: Bef 1801.
George Soules: Birth: Bef 1859.
Peter Soules: Birth: 1847 in Ontario.
Samuel Soules: Birth: 1823 in Ontario.
William H. Soules: Birth: 1874 in Newcastle, Ont..
Mary Anne Southall: Birth: 26 Oct 1812 in England. Death: 2 Jan 1835 in Staffordshire, England
Ann Southangue: Birth: Bef 1830.
Elizabeth Anne Southwell: Birth: Bef 1872.
(French) Sovey: Birth: Bef 1832.
Mary Sovey: Birth: 1847 in P.Q..
Napoleon Sovey: Birth: 1858 in P.Q..
Cora E. Sowles: Birth: 1874 in Michigan, USA.
Denis Spackman: Birth: Bef 1831.
Olive Spackman: Birth: 1846 in Co. Essex, England.
Margaret Spang: Birth: Bef 1840.
(Irish) Sparling: Death: 1867-1880
Alfred Sparling: Birth: 1861 in Ontario.
Amelia Sparling: Birth: 1863.
Charles Sparling: Birth: 1866 in Barrie, Ontario.
Christopher Sparling: Birth: Bef 1842.
Edward Sparling: Birth: 1865.
Edwin Sparling: Birth: 1856 in Barrie, Ontario.
Elizabeth Sparling: Birth: 1858.
Florence Sparling: Birth: 1867.
James Sparling: Birth: 1840 in Ontario.
James Sparling: Birth: 1869 in Barrie, Ontario.
James Sparling: Birth: 1803 in Ireland.
James Sparling: Birth: 1856.
Jane Sparling: Birth: 1862.
John Sparling: Birth: 1828 in Ontario.
Mary Sparling: Birth: 1854 in Ontario.
Wesley Sparling: Birth: 1860.
Mary Anne Spears: Birth: Bef 1833 in Ireland.
Mary Speck: Birth: 1862 in Ontario.
(Irish) Speeran: Birth: Bef 1805 in Ireland.
(Irish) Speeran: Birth: Bef 1823.
(son) Speeran: Birth: Bef 1840.
Ada E. Speeran: Birth: 3 Dec 1886 in Mara Twp., Ontario Co., Ont..
Alfred E. Speeran: Birth: 21 Nov 1900 in Mara Twp., Ontario Co., Ont..
Alfred Speeran: Birth: 29 Sep 1861 in Mara Twp., Ontario Co., Ont..
Anne Speeran: Birth: 4 May 1891 in Nottawasaga Twp., Simcoe Co..
Arnold Speeran: Birth: 4 Jul 1890 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
Arthur Edward Speeran: Birth: 1882 in Medonte Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.. Death: 1955
Bertha J. Speeran: Birth: 10 Dec 1897 in Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Ont..
Blanche E. Speeran: Birth: 21 Jul 1891 in Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Ont..
Catherine Jane Speeran: Birth: 1866 in P.Q..
Catherine Speeran: Birth: 1851.
Catherine Speeran: Birth: 1888 in Barrie, Ontario. Death: 13 Jul 1898 in Barrie, Ontario
Catherine Speeran: Birth: 1846.

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