Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Sarah Haworth was born ABT 1670 in Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of James Haworth and Isabel.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

James Haworth was born UNKNOWN, and died 1678 in Rossendale, Lancashire, England.

Isabel was born UNKNOWN, and died 25 JUN 1707.

Children of /Isabel/ and James /Haworth/ are:
  1. Mary Haworth was born ABT 1668 in Lancashire, and died 1728 in Lewistown, PA. She married John Miers. He died 1721.

  2. Sarah Haworth was born ABT 1670 in Lancashire, England.

  3. Susanna Haworth was born ABT 1672.

  4. Alice Haworth was born ABT 1674 in Lancashire, and died 1699 in at sea, ship "Britannia", at childbirth.

  5. George Haworth was born ABT 10 SEP 1676 in Gambleside, Lancashire England, and died 11 NOV 1724 in Bucks Co. PA. He married Sarah Scarborough on 28 SEP 1710 in Fall MM, Bucks Co. PA. She was born 02 MAR 1694 in Bucks Co. PA, and died 04 FEB 1748 in Bucks Co. PA.

  6. James Haworth was born UNKNOWN in Lancashire, England, and died UNKNOWN in Lancashire, England. He married Elizabeth Haworth on 1712 in Marsden Meeting House, Marsden. She was born 1688 in Bentley Green Wood, and died ABT 1738.

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