Christian S Miller: B: 23-OCT-1853. D: 17-JAN-1957
    + Catherine Landes: B: 11-FEB-1864. D: 1938
        2 Mina May Miller: B: 1885. D: 1890
        2 Barbara E Miller: B: 1887. D: 1959
            + William A Weaver: B: 1883. D: 1957
        2 Charles Miller: B: 27-OCT-1889. D: 5-JUL-1962
            + Person Not Viewable
                3 Vincent Astor Miller: B: 3-MAR-1914. D: 27-JAN-1991
        2 Fannie Miller: B: 13-MAY-1894. D: 28-SEP-1960
        2 Herman Ray Miller: B: 3-FEB-1897.
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