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Marriage: Children:
  1. Beldig : Birth: ABT 0235 in Hleithra, Denmark.

  2. Skjold Denmark: Birth: ABT 0237 in Hleithra, Denmark. Death: DECEASED

  3. Baeldaeg Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0243 in Scandinavia. Death: Unknown

  4. Hiemdal Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0245. Death: DECEASED

  5. Sigrlami Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0245. Death: DECEASED

  6. Casere Of The Saxons: Birth: ABT 0247. Death: Unknown

  7. Wecta With I : Birth: ABT 0249 in Saxony, Germany. Death: ABT 0350

  8. Seaxnete Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0249 in Scandinavia. Death: DECEASED

  9. Weothelgeat Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0251 in Scandinavia. Death: DECEASED

  10. Winta Odinsson: Birth: ABT 0253 in Scandinavia. Death: DECEASED

  11. Waegdagg : Birth: ABT 0254 in Anicent Saxony, Germany.

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