Mrs. Llywarch Hen Ap Elidir: B: ABT 0495. D: DECEASED
    + Llywarch "Hen" Ap Elidir: B: ABT 0484. D: DECEASED
        2 Sandde "Bryd Angel" Ap Llywarch: B: ABT 0520. D: DECEASED
                3 Mechydd Ap Sandde: B: ABT 0552. D: DECEASED
                        4 Madog "Madogion" Ap Mechydd: B: ABT 0593. D: DECEASED
                                5 Dwyfnerth Ap Madog: B: ABT 0634. D: DECEASED
                                        6 Tegog Ap Dwyfnerth: B: ABT 0676. D: DECEASED
        2 Dwg Ap Llywarch: B: ABT 0525. D: DECEASED
            + Mrs. Dwg Ap Llywarch: B: ABT 0530. D: DECEASED
                3 Gwair Ap Dwg: B: ABT 0555. D: Unknown
                    + Mrs. Gwair Dwg: B: ABT 0572. D: DECEASED
                        4 Tegid Ap Gwair: B: ABT 0595. D: DECEASED
                            + Mrs. Tegig Ap Gwar: B: ABT 0605. D: DECEASED
                                5 Alcwn Ap Tegid: B: ABT 0635. D: DECEASED
                                    + Mrs. Alcwn Ap Tegid: B: ABT 0650. D: DECEASED
                                        6 Sandde Ap Alcwn: B: ABT 0674. D: Unknown
                                            + Celeinion Verch Tudwal: B: ABT 0678. D: DECEASED is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.