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Marriage: Children:
  1. George L VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 1903 in Prairie City, Jasper, IA.

  2. Harold A VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 3 Jan 1904. Death: 3 Sep 1992 in Manson, Calhoun, IA

  3. Clarence R VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 23 Sep 1905 in Iowa. Death: Aug 1980 in Riverside, Riverside, CA

  4. Arthur R VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 1 Dec 1906 in Iowa. Death: Sep 1981 in Broad Ripple, Marion, IN

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  6. Herbert John VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 12 Jan 1912 in near Prairie City, Jasper, IA. Death: 9 Jun 1970 in Manson, Calhoun, IA

  7. Berniece Margaret VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 18 Apr 1914 in Manson, Calhoun, IA. Death: 30 Jul 1985 in Shenandoah, Page, IA

  8. Marie Mildred VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 22 Feb 1916 in near Manson, Calhoun, IA. Death: 2 Apr 1998 in Pomeroy Care Center-Pomeroy, Calhoun, IA

  9. Florence Lucille VANWYNGARDEN: Birth: 19 Jun 1917 in Calhoun County, IA. Death: 7 Mar 1998 in Stewart Memorial Community Hospital-Lake City, Calhoun, IA

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