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Edward Buzza: Birth: 21 Mar 1849 in Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ontario.
Ellen Buzza: Birth: 1 Aug 1884 in Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ontario.
George Buzza: Birth: Abt 1825.
Jane Buzza)): Birth: Abt 1825.
Dorcas Bye: Birth: Abt 1818 in Sherborne St. John, Hampshire, England.
Eliza Bye: Birth: Abt 1826 in Sherborne St. John, Hampshire, England.
Harriet Bye: Birth: Abt 1829 in England. Death: 20 May 1891 in Ontario, Canada
James Bye: Birth: May 1779 in England. Death: 27 Jul 1869 in West Williams Twp., Middlesex Co., Ontario
Jane Bye: Birth: Abt 1814 in Sherborne St. John, Hampshire, England. Death: Bef 1871 in Onondaga, Brant, Ontario
Jane Bye)): Birth: Abt 1789 in Kent Co., England.
David Franklin Byer: Birth: 20 Dec 1886 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario. Death: 30 Oct 1951
David Byer: Birth: 15 Jun 1791 in Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 1 Sep 1844 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario
Esther Byer: Birth: 1850 in Ontario, Canada.
John Byer: Birth: Abt 1825.
Peter R Byer: Birth: 17 Aug 1851 in Ontario, Canada.
Susan Byer: Birth: 11 Oct 1818 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario. Death: 31 Jul 1883
Margaret Byer)): Birth: Abt 1825.
Alice Edith Byers: Birth: 24 Oct 1864 in Wilberforce Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario.
Alice Margaret Byers: Birth: 1916 in New Annan, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia. Death: 23 Jul 1993 in New Glasgow, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia
Catherine Byers: Birth: 3 Mar 1858 in Ontario, Canada.
Charles Edward Byers: Birth: Abt 1875.
Ellen Byers: Birth: 20 Nov 1864.
Frank Byers: Birth: 8 Mar 1891 in Ontario, Canada.
Gordon Byers: Birth: 11 Jan 1894 in Ontario, Canada.
Harold Victor Byers: Birth: 8 Feb 1903 in Peterborough Co., Ontario. Death: 19 May 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Harry J Byers: Birth: Abt 1880.
James Byers: Birth: Abt 1806 in Ireland.
Jane Elizabeth Byers: Birth: Abt 1900 in West Hawkesbury, Prescott Co., Ontario.
Jane Byers: Birth: Abt 1860.
John Kennedy Byers: Birth: 1876 in Barrie, Simcoe Co., Ontario.
John Byers: Birth: Abt 1850.
Joseph Byers: Birth: 24 Jul 1883 in Ontario, Canada.
Margaret Byers: Birth: 8 Aug 1885 in Ontario, Canada.
Robert Byers: Birth: Abt 1845.
Unknown Byers: Birth: Abt 1830. Death: Bef 1886
William James Byers: Birth: 10 Jan 1839 in Bromley, Renfrew Co., Ontario.
William Byers: Birth: 29 Jan 1888 in Ontario, Canada.
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Henry Byford: Birth: Abt 1878 in England.
Joseph Byford: Birth: Abt 1855.
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Ellen Byford)): Birth: Abt 1855.
Francis H Byles: Birth: Abt 1860.
Francis Henry Byles: Birth: Dec 1881 in Portsmouth, England.
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Arthur Byrns: Birth: Abt 1866 in Guelph, Wellington Co., Ontario.
Margaret Clara Byrns: Birth: Abt 1870 in Guelph, Wellington Co., Ontario.
Michael Byrns: Birth: Abt 1832 in Qu�bec, Canada.
Mary Elizabeth Byron: Birth: Abt 1860.
Alexis Isadore B langer: Birth: 13 Feb 1734 in L'Islet Sur Mer, L'Islet, Qu�bec. Death: 21 Oct 1809 in L'Islet Sur Mer, L'Islet, Qu�bec
Archange B langer: Birth: 30 May 1775 in L'Islet Sur Mer, L'Islet, Qu�bec. Death: 3 May 1851 in St-Simon, Rimouski, Qu�bec

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