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  1. Roy George Carter: Birth: 26 Jul 1946 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. Death: 18 Jul 1994 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada

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1. Title:   The Riverdale Hospital, 14 St. Matthews Road; Toronto, ON, Canada.
2. Title:   Assumption Catholic Cemetery, 6933 Tomken Rd., Mississauga, ON L5T 1N4. Tel: (905) 670-8801
Page:   Section 7, Row: 87, Plot: 20. Find A Grave Memorial# 39339639
3. Title:   Toronto Old City Hall, 100 Queen Street West; Toronto, ON, Canada

a. Note:   Rose was born of an immigrant couple from the Republic of Lebanon. She spent most of her youth attending school and helping her parents run their grocery store and rooming house at 190A Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
  I am not sure when she came to be known as Rose but do know that she was called Suzy by her friends and some family members. It is known that she was often teased by her school mates and called "Kazoo" after a so called musical instrument. Even today, some of her cousins still refer to her as Suzy when they speak of her.
  She obtained a certificate in hairdressing and set up shop in the rear of her brother Norman's Barber Shop beside her parent's grocery store. Besides her Hairdressing, Rose was very involved in the then very tightly knit Syrian and Lebanese communities. She was one of the founders of the Canadian Lebanese Ladies Auxiliary in about 1938 and was the president of this Chartered Club many times over the years. She also began the Lebanese Youth Organization in the early 60's of which I was a member until joining the Army in 1964. Her efforts within the Lebanese and the community as a whole raised thousands of dollars for needy Lebanese immigrant families and the poor in the community.
  She married Roy Broadhurst Carter- twenty years her senior - in 1945. This marriage was very unwelcome by her father because of both the age difference and that he was not of Lebanese extraction. They were forced to elope. Things soon changed though, when the first child, Roy Jr. was born. With another grandson, her father soon changed his opinion of Roy and when the twins, myself and John were born, I am told that he walked around like a proud peacock.
  Rose although not being born in Lebanon, embraced both the Lebanese ways of cooking and the Arabic Language and often received compliments on both. Her knowledge of the Arabic language was such that other Lebanese people newly arrived in Canada thought that she was Lebanese born and well schooled in the language.
  She stopped her hairdressing trade to raise a family of five, and when the youngest, Mary, was old enough to attend school and be baby sat by her siblings, she went back to work as a hairdresser. She did this for a few years and then opened her own convenience store and quickly became known as Mom to all the local school children. She would allow them to hang around the store and always took the time to listen to their troubles. Locals would frequent the store just to chat and she would never allow families to go without milk or bread so would let families charge these purchases until payday. To the best of my knowledge, she was never cheated by any of her customers.
  She was the matriarch of a family she spent as much time as possible with, always there when you needed her, an ear always open to your joys and troubles, very proud of her children and grandchildren whom she loved dearly and one of the ways she showed this love was through her cooking. Boy, could that woman cook, especially the Lebanese dishes which she learned trough the expertise of her mother.
  Her later years were spent taking care of Father when his health began to fail and she was also suffering with chronic arthritis and angina. She passed away in 1992 from Pancreatic Cancer. The same ailment that took her mother.
  By Lizzie Francis: Shortly after the twins arrived home, (1947) I arrived at Rosie's place for a visit and the was crying while trying to organizing the feeding of the three boys - post natal blues I guess - so I volunteered to feed Roy while she looked after feeding the twins. After this task was taken care of, I suggested we go out for a walk with the kids. This we did. Upon returning home, we discovered that the house had been broken into. Rosie's engagement and wedding rings had been stolen along with some other incidentals. She was absolutely heartbroken and to this day, I do not know if they were ever replaced.
  In cherished memory of my precious and charming mother that joined with the angels seven years ago today, on April 17, 1992.
 As the candle glows on your photo today
 When I light it in warm remembrance,
 It will make you seem so very near
 Bringing back your beautiful presence.
 I find it helps to ease my soul
 When I talk to your picture so dear,
 Letting out all of my feelings
 Somehow hoping you will hear.
 Mom I miss you so very much,
 But I'm eternally thankful for
 Those golden years we did enjoy,
 I couldn't ask for more.
 I am such a lucky daughter
 To have you for a friend,
 We shared so many good times
 It was hard when they had to end.
 You were truly a wonderful person
 So vibrant in wit and song
 I shall always be grateful
 For the way we got along.
 Gifts of the spirit you gave freely
 And I treasure everything now
 You taught me to enjoy life
 The best way you knew how.
 I know that you're still with me
 As my angel and my guide
 My dearest mother darling
 Stay always by my side.
 So God be with you Mom
 I'm sending you all my love
 May you be happy forever
 With our dear Lord up above.
  "We'll be loving you always". Your daughter Mary May, Art, Lisa and Roy
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