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Note:   The following poem was written in remembrance of "Katie Saunders" (Catherine Bender) by her sister, Fanny (Bender) Neuschwander. Since I, your loving mother, How often I have sung with you, Have left you here below, My children, Oh! so dear, O do love one another But let us sing the song anew As I have said to you. When our Savior does appear. I know you all are weeping So I would once more say to you, For mother, near and dear, My children one and all, But O, I am sweetly sleeping Do mind your father, kind and true, And resting without fear. That is left with you alone. But you will miss me everywhere Yes, left alone in this sad world Which way you all may go, To mourn for loving mother' For mother she was always there But I do hope that God His word And said, "Do make it so." Will teach you all together. Many times have I been with you Then when years and days go by When in your working hours, And we shall be no more, So now I wish that you would listen; I hope to meet you in the sky That life is like the flowers. And be with him at shore. Now I am faded, like the rose, Around my bed you've all been watching And am with you no more, with your heart's so full of grief, For it was God, I do suppose, I know, I know, that it was touching, That wanted me before. But now I am relieved. You all Know that Christmas day, So once more I will say good night, I reached it very near, For all my work is done, But Father said, "You cannot stay; And I am resting in God's sight Come home to Me, my dear." Where sorrow is not known. So now I am resting here in peace Should you in years these words repeat, With God, our Lord above, Do still remember me, And sing the song in the new year For I am hoping you to meet, Of peace and joy and love. Farewell, farewell to thee. Farewell to you, my father; Farewell to mother near; Farewell to sister, brother, Farewell, my husband, dear. Remember to verify this work on your own. I cannot guarantee theaccuracy of this information, but I have made every attempt to purifydiscrepancies as they are discovered. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.