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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bessie /BOGARDUS/: Birth: 11 Oct 1884. Death: 22 Nov 1888

  2. Joseph L. /BOGARDUS/: Birth: 24 Mar 1891. Death: 10 Jun 1891

  3. James /BOGARDUS/: Birth: 26 Mar 1896.

1. Title:   Hinshaw: Encyclopeida of American Quaker Genealogy
Page:   Volume V, p. 57
Note:   Friends Book and Supply House, Distributors - Richmond, Ind
Publication:   Friend Book and Supply House - Richmond, Indiana - Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1950
Author:   Author: William Wade Hinshaw, Editor: Thomas Worth Marshall, Historian: Douglas Summers Brown
Name:   Not Given
Givenname:   Not Given
RepositoryId:   R2937
Addressname:   Not Given
Address:   Not Given
Note continued:   iana NS037293 Source Media Type: Book

a. Note:   NI608408
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