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Absolom BAKER: Birth: 15 Jan 1852. Death: 15 Feb 1926
Ada BAKER: Birth: 19 Oct 1899 in Wilson Co., N.C.. Death: 9 Feb 1966 in Edgecombe Co., N.C.
Ada BAKER: Birth: Abt 1848.
Adelia BAKER: Birth: Abt 1862 in Currituck Co, N.C.
Ailey Belle BAKER: Birth: 22 Jul 1882. Death: 22 Dec 1970
Alden Sherman BAKER: Birth: 1863. Death: 21 Jun 1934 in Winchester, Ind.
Alethia "Lethy" BAKER: Birth: 13 May 1799 in , Irwin Co, Georgia. Death: 16 Oct 1879 in , Irwin Co, Georgia
Alex T. BAKER: Birth: 21 Jul 1900 in Wilson Co., N.C.. Death: 14 Jan 1972 in Wilson Co., N.C.
Alexander Randolph BAKER: Birth: 1 May 1870 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Death: 20 Mar 1947 in Mahomet, Burnet County, Texas
Alfred Francis BAKER: Birth: 25 Jun 1878 in Salem Township, Allegan Co, MI. Death: 3 Jan 1955 in Otsego, Allegan Co, MI
Alice B. BAKER: Birth: 25 Feb 1875.
Alice BAKER: Birth: 1520 in Lydd, Kent, England. Death: 1582 in Lydd, Kent, England
Alice BAKER: Birth: 1860 in Huntington Co., Indiana.
Alice BAKER: Birth: 1898.
Alice BAKER: Birth: 26 Jan 1722 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Death: 2 Jan 1791 in Marshfield, Massachusetts
Allie Mae BAKER: Birth: 29 Feb 1908. Death: 1943
Alvin E. BAKER: Birth: 20 Sep 1869 in MI. Death: 20 May 1943
Alvin Kersey BAKER: Birth: 21 Nov 1878 in , Hamilton, Ind.. Death: 1 Jan 1951 in , Hamilton, Ind.
Alvin BAKER: Birth: 1892 in Berrien Co, GA.
America BAKER: Birth: 1843.
Amy BAKER: Birth: 1858.
Andrew Hunter BAKER: Birth: 18 Sep 1868 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Death: 1 Apr 1869 in Sevier County, Tennessee
Andrew Jackson BAKER: Birth: 30 Jan 1854 in Owsley Co., Kentucky.
Angie E. BAKER: Birth: 1873 in , Berrien Co, Georgia.
Ann Missouri BAKER: Birth: 1849.
Ann BAKER: Birth: Abt 1831.
Anna Belle BAKER: Birth: 30 Dec 1857 in Frederick Co, VA. Death: 25 Nov 1927
Anna M. BAKER: Birth: 22 Feb 1870.
Anna BAKER: Birth: 22 Jul 1771 in Rockingham, Windham, Vermont. Death: 24 Sep 1850 in Washington, Orange, Vermont
Anna BAKER: Birth: 1532.
Annie BAKER: Birth: 5 Dec 1869. Death: 13 Mar 1959
Arthur BAKER: Birth: Abt 1884 in Laredo, Webb, Texas. Death: 24 Dec 1898
Axie BAKER: Birth: 1876.
B. West BAKER: Birth: <1847> in <Winchester, Frederick Co, Virginia>.
Barbara Anne BAKER: Birth: 16 Aug 1822 in VA. Death: 11 Dec 1889 in Warren Co, VA
Belle Virginia BAKER: Birth: 11 Feb 1870 in Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 14 May 1927
Benjamin Franklin BAKER: Birth: 7 Aug 1843. Death: 17 Jan 1912
Benjamin H BAKER: Birth: 1837 in , Irwin Co, Georgia.
Benjamin N. BAKER: Birth: May 1835 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Death: in Oklahoma
Benjamin BAKER: Birth: Abt 1722 in SC.
Benjamin BAKER: Birth: 31 Oct 1803 in Montgomery Co, Georgia. Death: 18 May 1878 in Berrien Co, Georgia
Berthana Margaret BAKER: Birth: 20 Dec 1849 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Death: 3 Jul 1851 in Sevier County, Tennessee
Bessie BAKER: Birth: 12 Feb 1896 in Wilson Co., N.C.. Death: 1 Apr 1937 in Wilson Co., N.C.
Betsy Russel BAKER: Birth: 1812-1824 in Marshfield, Ply., Mass., USA. Death: 15 Apr 1888 in Kingston, Ply., Mass., USA
Beulah M BAKER: Birth: 30 May 1896. Death: 27 Apr 1939
Bobby Lee BAKER: Birth: 1933. Death: 1934
Bolden BAKER: Birth: 1904 in Wilson Co., N.C.. Death: 1908 in Wilson Co., N.C.
Bolden BAKER: Birth: Jul 1894 in Wilson Co., N.C..
Boyd Thomas BAKER: Birth: 4 May 1916 in Sevier Co TN.. Death: 17 Aug 1996 in Blount Co. Blount Mem. Hosp. Buried At Grandview Cem.
Burrell BAKER: Birth: 1834. Death: 3 May 1863 in Chancellorsville, VA
Burton Sylvanus BAKER: Birth: 13 Oct 1827 in Clinton, Madison Co., N. Y.. Death: 15 Jun 1912 in Hermon, St. Lawrence Co., NY.
Byrne Byron BAKER: Birth: 7 Feb 1925. Death: 1992
C. W. BAKER: Birth: 10 Dec 1861.
Callie BAKER: Birth: 1867 in Winston, MS.

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