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  1. Daniel BOAZ: Birth: 1776. Death: 1815 in , Pittsylvania Co, Virginia

1. Source:   S4722
2. Title:   Bevard Hargrave research - Book - "The Boaz Family Ancestors and Descendants" written in 1999 by Robert V. Boaz of Kansas City, MO
Source:   S5186

a. Note:   NI575279
Note:   In Pittsylvania Co., VA Deed Book 12, page 129-130, dated April 19,1800, is a Deed of Release discharging Edmond, the oldest son of Thomas II, administrator of the estate of any further duties. It tells us who the wife and children of Thomas Boaz, II were: "Whereas Edmond Boaz of Pittsylvania County did in due form of law administer on the Estate of Thomas Boaz, deceased, and as the said Edmond Boaz as executed that Trust until this day, we the heirs and legatees of the said Thomas Boaz Viz: Nancy Boaz, who hat intermarried with William Beck, Nelly Boaz who hath intermarried with Henson Thomas, Lydia Boaz, Suckey Boaz, Daniel Boaz, Molley Boaz who hat intermarried with Samuel Elliott and Agness Boaz, mother of the above mentioned children and Guardian to Thomas Boaz one of the said heirs, hath this day come to a settlement and division of the said estate wit the said Edmond Boaz - the Above Legatees and Heirs jointly and severly, the married and their husbands as well as the others named, and hath all personally agreed and have divided the said Estate of Thomas Boaz, deceased, both real and personal, and hear heir or legatee hath received their full purpose in all and part of all debts, land, goods and chattels, the said Thomas Boaz was possessed to our full and complete satisfaction, and we the said Legatees and heirs ..........................discharge the said Edmond Boaz forever from any further claim or demand in the said estate. In testimony, whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this nineteenth day of April 1800." This was signed by those mentioned in above statement as well as by William Thurman, Joseph Thurman, Jonathan Thomas, Drury Foster and Shadrach Boaz. Dates of births for children of Thomas Boaz are estimated using age 21 as age of marriage. ( is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.