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  1. Florence Dale JONES: Birth: 10 Mar 1904 in , , North Carolina. Death: 22 Jun 1983 in , , North Carolina

  2. Wilmer Elmo JONES: Birth: 25 Jan 1907 in Spray, Rockingham Co, NC. Death: 19 Nov 1974 in Melrose, MA Middlesex Co.

  3. William Howard JONES: Birth: 6 Oct 1909 in Rockingham County, N.C.. Death: 16 Feb 1995 in El Cajon, CA

  4. Person Not Viewable

  5. Earl Vincent JONES: Birth: Abt 1918 in Guilford Co, North Carolina. Death: Abt 1918 in Guilford Co, North Carolina

a. Note:   NI566587
Note:   Alice was a wonderful mother, loved deeply by her four children and sixgrandchildren. She always had a mysterious smile, as if she knew a bigsecret. She loved Jesus.... and her church, which was right next door!She lived to be nearly 100 years old. I recall sending letters to her,addressed to "Box 451; Spray, North Carolina", although the home was "407 RailroadStreet". Alice's TRUE given name was Luisa Alice. Most family members did not knowthat. FAMILY ANECDOTE: Grandma Alice and the Rubber Chicken I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old and grandma Alice wascoming to OUR house for dinner. To begin with, I wasn't a "fussy" eater,I just didn't have a big appetite and none of Mom's boiled Yankee foodappealed to me. Well.... Mom sat me down and told me, "Grandma believesin eating ALL the food, including the chicken skin, so I want you to eatwhat's put on your plate and DO NOT SAY A WORD ABOUT IT." Boiled chicken skin? That's RUBBER CHICKEN! Now, Grandma Alice was a wise lady and not much escaped her. We sat downto dinner, I got my plate of Chicken Fricassee which included theinevitable boiled chicken WITH LOTS OF SKIN. After we said grace, Ipicked up my fork and eyed my plate with dread. Grandma Alice looked atme and said, "Nancy Dale, you don't have to eat that chicken skin!" SheKNEW. She just KNEW. And guess what? I bet Grandma Alice wasn't exactlycrazy about BOILED CHICKEN SKIN either! (Fried? Now that's a differentstory! But Mom didn't fry........) Only in recent years did I learn that the whole thing was amisunderstanding. When Dad told Mother that Alice didn't waste any food,he was only commenting on her thriftiness. SOURCE: Contributors to my research: Virginia Mann Harris, Marsha Mann Patterson, Steven Jones, EvangelineAndrews, Dale Reed, Mary Beatrice Jones Hall,Pat Jones Greten, MorrisMyers, Hayden Fitts (Atty.), Murray Andrew, Lori Andrew, Don R Dodson,Francis Keenan, Sue Ashby, Linda Allred Cooper, Ken Horton Jr.,JimMurphy, Betty Mabe, Chris Brady, Laverne Brady Davis, Sharon Brady,William Kivett, Ed Konczak, many more..... Also: "Our Family Tree" by Si and Shirley Corn; "William Pitt Fessenden"by Francis Fessenden; the Brady family Bible; US Federal Census from1790-1930; "Chatham County Cemeteries" published by the Chatham CountyHistorical Assn.; cemetery transcriptions at Rootsweb's Chatham Countywebsite; Paper documentation is not available for many individuals. Do not rely on all the information in this tree as "proven fact". is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.