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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lucy BARNARD: Birth: 6 Jun 1806 in , Patrick, Virginia.

  2. Tyra BARNARD: Birth: 2 Aug 1807 in , Patrick, Virginia. Death: 9 May 1877 in , Patrick, Virginia

  3. Malinda BARNARD: Birth: 13 Apr 1809 in , Patrick, Virginia. Death: in Carroll Co, VA

  4. Mary BARNARD: Birth: 13 Mar 1811 in <, Patrick, Virginia>.

  5. Nancy BARNARD: Birth: 2 Sep 1812 in , Patrick, Virginia.

  6. James BARNARD: Birth: 11 Jun 1814 in , Patrick, Virginia. Death: 20 Sep 1881 in Meadows Of Dan, Patrick, Virginia

  7. Mahala BARNARD: Birth: 10 Jul 1816 in , Patrick, Virginia. Death: 15 Oct 1891 in , , Virginia

  8. Charles BARNARD: Birth: 22 Apr 1818 in Kibler, Patrick, Virginia.

  9. Sarah BARNARD: Birth: 25 May 1820 in Kibler Valley, Patrick Co, VA. Death: 21 Jan 1876 in Carroll Co, VA

  10. Lemina BARNARD: Birth: 4 May 1822 in Kibler, Patrick, Virginia.

  11. Lucy Ann BARNARD: Birth: 6 Jan 1824 in Patrick Springs, Patrick Co, Virginia. Death: 3 May 1889 in Westfield, Surry, North Carolina

  12. Isham BARNARD: Birth: 4 Mar 1826 in Patrick Co, VA.

  13. William BARNARD: Birth: 8 Sep 1828 in Kibler, Patrick, Virginia. Death: 25 Feb 1892 in Kibler, Patrick, Virginia

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a. Note:   NI561038
Note: Henry Cobecame Patrick county, Indiana 1790 Information on Isham Barnard rec'd from des. Steve Holley of Burke, VA April 1998. Steve gathered 'much o f the information' from Lois Barnard Harris who was in her 80s in 1994 when Steve m et her. Lois Barnard Harris' address in the 1980s was: Rt 2, Box 6A, Meadow s of Dan,VA 24120. Information as follows: "Isham Barnard wa s born on December 23, 1787. The names of his parents are ???; but he did have two brothe rs---Archibald b.1780 in Fluvanna county, Virginia---d.1855 in Patrick county, Virginia an d Valentine. As a young lad, Isham became a 'bound boy', an indentured servan t, to a Methodist Circuit preacher who exposed him to the ministry until Isham was 18 years old. The minister's area of ministr y included Western North Carolina. It was on one of the minister's circuit stops that young Isham Barn ard met Sally Burch. Because of Isham's position in life, Sally's parents too k a dim view of any attention that young Isham would pay to their daughter. Upon completion of his service to the minister, and the receivingof the horse and bridle from his master(as was the custom), Isham Barnard immediately set out for Surry county, North Carolina where he convinced Sally Burch to accompany him to Patrick county, Virginia. Without her parents permission and against their will, Sally Burch married Isham Barnard on February 26, 1805. The Burches disowned their daughter and she never saw her family again . Isham and Sally Barnard setled in the Kibler Valley by the waters of the Dan River. Isham Barnard always resented the fact that the Burch family di d not approve of him. He once said "by the time I die, I'll have more than all the Burches". At the time of his death in 1871 , Isham Barnard owned over 1000 acres in Patrick Co,VA. In the early years of their marriage, Isham and Sally Barnard not only had to contend with the difficulties of primitive mountai n life, but hostile Indians as well. Soon after the purchase of a pig, thatwould provide plenty of meat for a hard winter, the pig was stolen by Indians. Isham and Sally Barnard had 13 children: Lucy, Tirea, Melinda, M ary, Nancy, James, Mehala, Charles, Sally, Leminia, Lucy Ann, Is ham Jr., and William." --information obtained from Lois Barnard Harris, great granddaughter of Isham Barnard at Rt 2 Box 6A, Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120 Pomona, California 91766 July 25, 1964 Dear Cousins of my Wife Lucile Barnard and of Lucile's andmy three children (Virginia, Alva Dawdy and Ray Lewis marriett) greetings: First I am sending copies of the BARNARD GENEALOGY to you... It is in the oldBible that John Barnard kept records of His, the BARNARD FAMILY, for way back since ISHAM BARNARD was born i n 1787. Isham's father was: Charles Barnard.Later, Charles was killed by Indians. Isham stayed wth neighbors when he andSallie Burch got married... There is a legend; so states Lucian E. Barnard which is as follows: That Isham's grand parents had settled earlier on BuffaloC reek, in the Woolwine section of Patrick county, Virginia and they were killed by Indians... Now I will close for this time. From Earl Alva Merriett The following information was sent by a distant cousin, J. Nei l Arrington, Princeton, N.J>, taken from a Bible in the possession of John R . Barnard, Meadows of Dan, Va., Bible is dated 1722. Isham Barnard, Sr. born Dec. 23 1787 Sallie Burch born June 17, 1785, dau. of William and Mary Burch; Married Tues, Feb 26, 1805 12 children: Lucy, born June 20, 1806 Tyra, born Aug. 2, 1807 Malinda, born April 13, 1809 Mary (Polly) born March 13, 1811 Nancy, born Sept 2, 1812 James born June 11, 1814 Mahala, born July 10, 1816 Charles, born April 22, 1818 Sallie, born May 25, 1820 Lemina, born May 4, 1822 Isham, born Mar. 4, 1826 William born Sept. 8, 1828 Mar is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.