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Sarah ACKLEY: Birth: 1665 in East Haddam, CT. Death: 1715
Unknown ACKLEY: Birth: 1878.
Unknown ACKLEY: Birth: 1897.

Raymond Glenn ACKMAN: Birth: 4 Oct 1902 in Billet, , Ill.. Death: 2 Jan 1969 in Hammond, , Ind.

Judson ACKRIDGE: Birth: 1850.
George Archibald ACORN: Birth: 1 Sep 1887 in Milltown Cross, P.E.I.. Death: 24 Apr 1957 in Milltown Cross, P.E.I.
George Bentley ACORN: Birth: 18 Jun 1935 in Milltown Cross, P.E.I.. Death: 6 Mar 1946 in Milltown Cross, P.E.I.
Martha Douet ACORN: Birth: 14 Mar 1838 in Village Green, P.E.I.. Death: 23 Nov 1923 in Albion, P.E.I.

Lillian ACORNS: Birth: Sep 1850.

Vivianne ACQS: Birth: Abt 574.

Martha A. ACREE: Birth: 1881. Death: 1958

Mary ACTION: Birth: 11 Apr 1902 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Death: 16 Aug 1934 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Hannah Hall ACTON: Birth: 1816. Death: 1851

Alta ACUFF: Birth: 4 Jan 1909. Death: 4 Jul 1992
Green Douglass ACUFF: Birth: Sep 1845 in White County, Tennessee.
John ACUFF: Birth: 1797 in Tennessee. Death: Bef 1860 in Tennessee
Mary Ellen ACUFF: Birth: 1837 in White County, Tennessee.
Thomas H. ACUFF: Birth: 1842 in White County, Tennessee.

Alfred Glen ADAIR: Birth: 11 Jul 1913 in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma. Death: 1 May 1969 in Whittier, California
Amilla Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 2 Feb 1883 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 24 Oct 1967 in Cedar City, Iron, UT
Andrew Sampson ADAIR: Birth: 20 Jan 1880. Death: 21 Aug 1946 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Ardis Melton ADAIR: Birth: 12 Sep 1906 in Winnfield, Winn Parish, LA. Death: 24 Jul 1969 in Roanoke, LA
Benjamin F. ADAIR: Birth: 10 May 1852.
Clarissa Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 7 Dec 1887 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 5 Jun 1937 in Enterprise, Washington, UT
David F. ADAIR: Birth: 15 Sep 1818.
Delbert Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 4 Aug 1879 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 7 Jun 1953 in Cedar City, Iron, UT
Elijah Leo ADAIR: Birth: 17 Sep 1889 in Huntington, UT. Death: 3 Apr 1893
Elijah Thomas ADAIR: Birth: 20 Nov 1856 in Provo, UT. Death: 6 Jun 1927 in Enterprise, Washington County, UT
Elizabeth Ada ADAIR: Birth: 12 Aug 1879.
Elizabeth Ann ADAIR: Birth: 20 Sep 1881 in Orderville, Kane Co., Utah. Death: 12 Sep 1957 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah
Elizabeth Hobson ADAIR: Birth: 1745 in North Carolina. Death: 1800 in Robeson County, NC
Elizabeth ADAIR: Birth: Abt 1767. Death: 1829 in , Guilford, N.C.
Ellen ADAIR: Birth: 5 Feb 1885 in Salt Lake, UT. Death: 14 Feb 1970
Emery Neal ADAIR: Birth: 3 Feb 1908 in Winnfield, Winn Parish, LA. Death: 16 Jul 1968 in Sacramento, CA
Emily Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 12 Nov 1896 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 18 Jun 1956 in Cedar City, Iron, UT
Florence Leona ADAIR: Birth: 6 Jul 1885 in Williamson County, Texas. Death: 26 Oct 1930 in Houston, Harris Co, TX
George Washington ADAIR: Birth: 18 Mar 1818 in Pickens, Alabama, Tennessee, USA. Death: 26 Aug 1897 in Orderville, Kane, UT
George William ADAIR: Birth: 20 May 1895 in Orderville, UT. Death: Apr 1983 in Camp Nelson, Tulare, CA
Hazel Lea ADAIR: Birth: 19 Aug 1902 in Winnfield, Winn Parish, LA. Death: Aug 1927 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA
Henry Wright ADAIR: Birth: 19 Aug 1876 in Columbia, Caldwell Parish, LA. Death: 27 Mar 1963 in Dallas, Tarrant Co, TX
Isaac Newton ADAIR: Birth: 27 Aug 1845 in Alabama. Death: 11 Oct 1888 in Comanche County, Texas
Israel Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 28 Sep 1885 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 28 Aug 1969 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT
James Isaac ADAIR: Birth: 21 Nov 1888. Death: 17 Jun 1973
James Walker ADAIR: Birth: 18 Sep 1886 in Orderville, UT. Death: 1 Apr 1888
Jasper Burton ADAIR: Birth: 12 Jan 1903 in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma. Death: Abt 1948
Jasper Judson ADAIR: Birth: 10 Jun 1863 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 19 Jul 1933 in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma
John Wiley Cornelius ADAIR: Birth: 21 Jan 1911 in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma. Death: Apr 1997 in Garden Grove, Orange County, California
Josiah Hoyt ADAIR: Birth: 26 Jun 1893 in Orderville, Kane, UT. Death: 13 Mar 1964 in Panaca, Lincoln, NV
Julia ADAIR: Birth: Jul 1838 in Carrol Co., Georgia. Death: in Paulding Co., Georgia
Lavina ADAIR: Birth: 1831 in Morgan County Missouri.

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