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Marriage: Children:
  1. Maria Catherine /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1747 in Frederick County, Maryland.

  2. Andrew /ANDESS/: Birth: 10 Feb 1748 in Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 21 May 1821 in Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia

  3. Margaret /ANDESS/: Birth: 5 Mar 1750. Death: 19 Jun 1829

  4. Matthias /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1755 in Woodsboro, Frederick Co MD. Death: 1810 in Washington Co, VA

  5. Christina /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1756 in Frederick County, Maryland.

  6. Elizabeth /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1757.

  7. Frederick /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1758 in Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 12 Nov 1828 in Washington County, Tennessee

  8. Charity /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1760.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Peter /ANDESS/: Birth: 14 May 1766 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 16 Sep 1824 in Sevier County, Tennessee

  2. John /ANDESS/: Birth: Abt 1768 in Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 17 May 1840 in Washington County, Virginia

  3. Adam /ANDESS/: Birth: 14 Feb 1769 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 2 Feb 1829 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland

  4. Catherine /ANDESS/: Birth: 21 Feb 1771 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland. Death: Apr 1848 in Maryland

a. Note:   NI336039
Note:   "ORIGIN OF THE ANTES FAMILY: Research by Mrs. Bakewell and Robert M.Kurt z, Largo, FL, reveals: Niclas von BREIDENAU, ca. 1450-1520, living in Meis enheim,Germany, m. Katharina _____ ca. 1480. Son, Johannes von BREIDENA U, ca. 1480-81 - 1543, disenherited when he left the Church and married, c a. 1500, Katharina Von FUTER. 3 sons: Niclas, Hans (Johannes), Antonius, w ho became known asANTHES, ca. 1505-1552; became known as ANTHES von CALLB ACH. Inherited the property of his grandparents in Meisenheim. All of foll owing generations provenin Germany by Gunther F Anthes, a German descenda nt, and Herr H. Shueler, Germany, to Vashti Seaman, an American descenda nt of ANTES, BARNHART, HOLT, MILLIKEN, in 1969: Hans ANTES ca. 1530-6 A ug 1608 (cloth weaver) m. 1560 to Engel THEIN; 1 son, 5 dau. Johannes Konr ad ANTHES ca 1580-bef. 1622 (woolen weaver) m. 1605 Ursula N______; 3 son s, 2 daus. Johann Leonard Anthes, 23 Jul 1609-bef. 1665 (cooper) m. bef. 1 630 Katharina NEUMANN. Skipping 3 generations, Philip Friederich ANTES (ch anged name ca 1700) 1 Sep 1675 in Breidenheim, Ger.A John Henry ANTE S, b. 17 Jul 1701, Friensheim, Ger, d. 20 Jul 1755, m. Christina Elizabe th DEWEES b. 1702, later moved to Frederick, Co. MD; prior to move COULD h ave been parents of Wilhelm, but no proof. QUALIFICATION OF THE RESEARCH: Much of the sourcing for information on Wi lhelm Antes/Andes/Andess and some of his descendants is provided by Mrs. L ois Bakewell, Palm Springs, CA. Mrs. Bakewell's research is borne out in h er book, "Andis-Moe Ancestors in America 1741-1990" published in 1991. S he has provided additional researchsince that time involving what m ay be the first wife of Wilhelm's-- Anna Maria Schmidt, who may have bor ne some of Wilhelm's children. She has provided research into possible Ge rman origins. The greater part of this compilation of the family tree comes from the gen ealogy files of Richard Eugene Andis, 1324 East County Road 210 South, Gre encastle, IN. 46135 Ph# 765-653-3464 <>. He h as done an excellent job of producing the family history. Several variati ons of the surname are found in the records and continue to this date-- -A ntes, Andtes, Antis, Anders, Amdes and other 's are found in use. Wilhelm Antes immigrated to America from Germany arriving on theship "Fri endship" on October 12, 1741. It is estimated he was born about 17 13 as he is listed on the ship's roster as age 28. He took the oath of All egiance on that same day. In December, 1766 he bought 247 acres of land in Frederick County, Maryla nd from Andrew Fogle. "Wilhelm ANTES/ANDES was instrumental in the organiz ation of the Rocky Hill Lutheran Church in 1767-68 - was teacher/leader fr om 1770-1780. Thus, it is important to relate to both in the very beginni ng in order to appreciate this relationsip. Local histroy neither complim ents Wilhelm or the church. Information from the early church records wr itten in German, Frederick Co. Court House Records and information gather ed on many of the early settlers of the area."---Lois J. Bakewell. Lutheran Church Historical Society records establish Wilhelm first marri ed Anna Maria Schmidt; probably, he lived in vicinity of Frederi ck Co MD sometime after 1741/42. Will of Wilhelm Andes dated 15 Feb 17 83 (Liber GM-1 Fo. 311) lists his children as heirs w/o mention of a wif e. Will probated 24 Mar 1783, (2 wks after Wilhelm passed away, 5 Mar 178 3, 70 yrs old) and his trusty friend Peter Beard named whole and sole exec utor. On 21 Apr 1765 Wilhelm Antes & wifeElizabeth were sponsors at bapti sm of Elizabeth, dau of Jacob and Anna Margaretha Reinhard at Evangelic al Lutheran Church, Frederick Co. MD. Wilhelm received land from Andrew F ogle on 17 Dec 1776 in Frederick Co. He sold land in 1779 & 1783 to Phill ip Smith, Jr., Frederick Co., MD. Wilhelm's and Elizabeth's son, Johann Peter, was baptized at the Evangel is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.