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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ethelinda /BAKER/: Birth: 22 Apr 1843 in OH. Death: 28 Jul 1847 in OH

  2. Martha E /BAKER/: Birth: 3 Sep 1845 in OH. Death: 21 Jun 1857 in OH

  3. Lyman Herman /BAKER/: Birth: 19 Nov 1848. Death: 11 Jun 1920

  4. Eleanor E. /BAKER/: Birth: 3 Aug 1850 in OH. Death: Oct 1926

  5. Mary C /BAKER/: Birth: 13 Sep 1853 in OH. Death: 18 Sep 1873 in Sherman, MI

  6. Lucy A. /BAKER/: Birth: 4 Sep 1855 in OH. Death: 1 Dec 1923

  7. John A /BAKER/: Birth: 13 Aug 1857 in OH. Death: 8 Jun 1862

  8. George E. /BAKER/: Birth: 1 Jun 1859 in OH. Death: 1 Jan 1863

  9. Leafy O. /BAKER/: Birth: 17 Nov 1861 in OH. Death: 2 Oct 1915

  10. Howard A. /BAKER/: Birth: 29 Jul 1864 in Wexford Co, MI. Death: 10 Oct 1949

  11. Alvin E. /BAKER/: Birth: 20 Sep 1869 in MI. Death: 20 May 1943

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Note:   (Research):NOTES FROM DAVID PRINS: Aaron enlisted in the Union Army at age 39 during Civil War . Term of enlistment began 9 Nov 1861. Leafy was born two weeks later. Aaron served in the 29th Ohio Infantry, Company "C" for two years. While in the service, two of his sons, George & John, passed away. After contracting an illness in the Army, Aaron was given an honorable discharge 10 July 1863. In late 1863, Aaron moved his family from Ohio to Wexford Co,Michigan. The trip was made by covered wagon pulled by oxen. Aaron was so ill, he had to make the entire trip lying down. They took up residence on a 160-acre plot 2 miles south of Sherman, Michigan in a temporary shack of boughs. When Aaron recovered, he built another shack of hemlock trees which housed the family through two winters (1863-4). Aaron's son Howard was the first white child to be born in Wexford County, MI. Eventually, he built a better and larger house. When the stage began to run between Grand Rapids and Traverse City, he boarded the travelers each way over night. In 1871, he traded the homestead for a farm in Allegan, thence to Salem, thence to Jamestown, and back to Salem again before finally settling in Trowbridge. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.