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Marriage: Children:
  1. Andrew BANKSTON: Birth: 1695 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: in Maryland

  2. Andrew BANKSTON: Birth: 1695 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: in Maryland

  3. Andrew BANKSTON: Birth: 1696.

  4. Elizabeth BANKSTON: Birth: Abt 1697.

  5. Elizabeth BANKSTON: Birth: Abt 1697.

  6. John BANKSTON: Birth: 1701.

  7. Peter BANKSTON: Birth: 1701.

  8. Daniel BANKSTON: Birth: 1702.

  9. Lawrence BANKSTON: Birth: <1704> in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 1774 in Orange Co, NC

  10. John BANKSTON: Birth: Abt 1707. Death: in Maryland

  11. John BANKSTON: Birth: Abt 1707. Death: in Maryland

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Note:   [Betty.FTW] Notes for ANDREW BANKSON, JR.: # 3 Andrew Bankson Jr., the second son of Andrew Bankson and Gertrude Rambo Andrew was living at Passayunk in 1706 when he received an inheritance from his father. He was appointed Justice of the Peace in Philiadelphia, called a yeoman, and was recorded as working on a ship. According to the extracts from the "Gloria Dei" church 1697-1699 by Rev. Rudman, he was living above the church with four in the family and was living in the division of Pasquesting at the time of his father's death. in 1706. He was made one of the executors of his father's will. In 1746, he executed a deed in Philadelphia Co,. PA. and described himself as "yeoman' living in Chester, PA. He was active in the affairs of the Colonies and was commissioned Justice of the Peace for Philadelphia Co. PA and served in other positions. He left a long line of descendants who were prominent and influential in the new counties formed in PAA and the Southern Satates they settled in. Andrew Bankson JR. married Gertrude (Boore?) Though the Philadelphia County Births 1644-1765 by John T. Humphrey lists Andrew Bankston Jr. and Gertrude as the mother and father of Magdalen Bankson and Magdalen lived in their household, Andrew would only be 16 years of age when she was born. Children: Magdalen Bankson b. 1687 (abt) Andrew Bankson III b. ca. 1695 Philadelphia, pa d. Talbot MD. Elizabeth Bankson b. ca. 1697 Ph, PA, NFI Peter Bankson John Bankson Daniel Bankson 12. Lawrence Bankson b. ca. 1704 d. 1774 Ref. "PA Vital Records Vol. 1"; The Gloria Dei list of members 1697-98; Historical Society of Chester County, PA; The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 2, p. 224, 227. (excerpted from "Bankston Cousins" by Anne Haigler, page 3. The following is taken from the writings of Ron Beatty and Beverly Rambo online: . ANDERS BENGTSSON was born about 1673 in Philadelphia Co. and married before 1697. The family lived at Potquessink, according to the Gloria Dei list of members by Rev. Rudman in 1697-98.(25) His wife's name was GERTRUDE BOORE, the daughter of Lars Larsson and Elizabeth Boore.(59) Andrew was a justice of the peace for Philadelphia, and was active in affairs of the community. Andrew Bankson Jr. acquired 101 acres in Byberry Township from John Hart on 9 Dec 1697. (Phila. Exemplification Book 7:197-198).(574),, 20 Apr 1999) Andrew Bankson of Byberry Township, Philadelphia County, and his brothers, Bengt, Joseph, and Daniel conveyed 147 1/2 acres of land in Moyamensing to their brothers, John and Jacob Bankson on 19 Jul 1721.(Philadelphia Deeds Book F-7, p. 86) In 1746, Andrew executed a land deed which described him as a "yeoman, living in Chester, Pennsylvania."(34) He died in Chester county in 1750. Two of his sons moved to Talbot County, Maryland where they were married in St. Peter's Parish.(579) Andrew and Gertrude lived at Potquessing Creek and had these children, the two older ones listed by Rev. Rudman:(25) 221. ANDREW BANKSON, Jr. b. ca 1695, m. Rachel Archer 222. ELIZABETH BANKSON, b. 1696-7 226. LAWRENCE BANKSON, b. 1704, m. 1) Rebecca Hendricks, 2) Ann Major 224. JOHN BANKSON, b. ?, m. Margaret Kent 225. REBECCA BANKSON, m. Claus Johnson 30 Mar 1734 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.