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Martha 'MATTIE": Birth: Nov 1868 in Scott Co., VA.
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Floyd Lee Webb (MILLER): Birth: 27 Jun 1913 in Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Death: 11 Jun 1976
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Anna Yarrington (MINNOCK): Birth: Abt 1851.
Delilah S. (MOCK): Birth: 1 Jun 1828 in North Carolina. Death: 27 Aug 1887 in Prices Branch (Montgomery) MO
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Unknown (MORVYDD)MORVYD: Death: Abt 1416
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Ada M: Birth: 6 Feb 1884 in Citronelle, Mobile, AL.
Adaline M: Birth: 12 Sep 1844 in Pike Cty, MS. Death: 12 Mar 1934 in Pike Cty, MS
Addie M: Birth: 12 Dec 1901. Death: 3 Feb 1990 in Greene County, MS
Alexander M: Birth: 7 Aug 1848 in Georgetown, Grgwn County, SC. Death: 2 Mar 1900 in Georgetown, Grgwn County, SC
Alice M: Birth: 1838 in Cardston AlbertaTemple.
Alma M: Birth: 27 Jul 1926 in Lucedale, George County, MS. Death: 4 Jun 1972 in Lucedale, George County, MS
Almedia M: Birth: 1 Jun 1881 in Greene County, MS. Death: 25 Sep 1948 in Greene County, MS
Almie M: Birth: 4 Sep 1892 in Mize, Smith County, Mss. Death: 18 Jun 1913 in MS
Amanda M: Birth: 31 Aug 1845 in Paulding, Jasper County, MS. Death: Abt 1902 in MS
Andrew M: Birth: 9 Jan 1856 in Waynesboro, Wayne, MS. Death: 12 May 1934 in Wayne County, MS
Angus M: Birth: 20 Jul 1810 in Sorth Carolina. Death: 29 Jan 1881 in Wayne County, MS
Ann M: Birth: Abt 1826 in Cardston AlbertaTemple.
Annie Lavania M: Birth: 26 Jan 1882 in Denham, Waynesboro, Wayne County, MS. Death: 5 Jan 1907
Archibald M: Birth: 26 Mar 1853 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: 13 May 1933
Arelia M: Birth: 6 Nov 1848. Death: 21 Jan 1917 in Souwilpa, Choctaw County, AL
Argent M: Birth: 12 Aug 1842 in Greene County, MS. Death: 2 Jul 1908 in MS
Arnold M: Birth: 7 Jun 1887. Death: Nov 1969 in Wilmer, AL
Aubrey M: Birth: 3 Jun 1901 in Wilmer, AL. Death: 7 Aug 1965 in Wilmer, AL
Cade M: Birth: Abt 1856 in Perry County, MS. Death: 6 Feb 1921 in Perry County, MS
Carolina M: Birth: 1841 in St. Louis, St. Louis County, MO. Death: 1896 in Selma, AL
Caroline M: Birth: 5 Mar 1862 in Mobile, AL.
Caroline M: Birth: 1838 in Paulding, Jasper County, MS.
Charles M: Birth: 20 May 1854 in Clarke County, MS. Death: 18 May 1876 in Limestone County, TX
Charlie M: Birth: 5 May 1879 in Wayne County, MS. Death: 12 Sep 1919 in Greene County, MS
Charlotte Byrd M: Birth: Abt 1841 in Chesterfield, SC.
Clarence Pitts M: Birth: 3 Apr 1910 in MS. Death: 26 Oct 1988 in MS
Clyde M: Birth: Abt 1888 in Henry County, GA. Death: in Henry County, GA
D M: Birth: 1802 in South Caroliona.
David M: Birth: 26 Jun 1788 in Hardy, VA. Death: Jan 1850
E M: Birth: Abt 1860 in MS.
E M: Birth: Abt 1868 in MS Or AL.
Eall M: Birth: 21 Oct 1896 in Citronelle, Mobile, AL. Death: 7 Feb 1970 in Citronelle, Mobile, AL
Edward M: Birth: 13 Sep 1800 in Beaufort District, , SC. Death: Abt 1850 in Newton, MS
Ekiza M: Birth: 26 Jun 1849 in MS. Death: 29 Jun 1892 in Greene County, MS
Eleanor Nancy M: Birth: Abt 1812 in Macon County, Illinois. Death: Abt 1833 in MT, Zion, Illinois
Eliza M: Birth: Abt 1845 in Chicora, Wayne County, MS. Death: 25 Mar 1911 in Chicora, Wayne County, MS
Eliza M: Birth: 21 Feb 1817 in Beaufort District, St.. Prtrrs Parish, SC. Death: 9 Apr 1896 in Rockdale, Milam County, TX
Eliza M: Birth: 27 Jul 1837 in Perry County, AL. Death: 26 Dec 1883 in Greenboro, AL
Elizabeth M: Birth: 4 Feb 1835 in Franklin County, VA. Death: 12 Jan 1869 in Caldwell County, KY
Elizabeth M: Birth: 2 Apr 1844 in Mobile, AL.
Elizer M: Birth: 7 Jul 1854 in Pike, MS. Death: 23 Jul 1911 in Washington, Parish, LA
Elsie M: Birth: 24 Sep 1895. Death: 17 Nov 1985
Emily Azaline Freeman M: Birth: Jul 1875 in Greene County, MS. Death: Abt 1952 in MS
Ezekiel M: Birth: 30 Jun 1833 in Wilmer, AL. Death: 6 Jan 1889 in Mobile, AL
Felder M: Birth: 1887 in Greene County, MS. Death: May 1967
Frances M: Birth: 15 Jun 1871 in Mississipi. Death: 8 Oct 1944 in Greene County, MS
Frances M: Birth: 26 Aug 1847 in Clarkson Cemetery, Webster County, MS. Death: 10 May 1927
Francis M: Birth: Abt 1853 in MS.
Francis M: Birth: Abt 1839 in Jackson County, GA. Death: Abt 1855
Franklin M: Birth: Abt 1580 in Isle Of MAN, England.
Gath M: Birth: Abt 1919 in Cumberland County, NC. Death: 26 Nov 1969 in Cumberland County, NC
George M: Birth: 23 Mar 1812 in Eddiceton, Franklin County, MS.
Gladney M: Birth: 20 Feb 1907 in Wayne County, MS. Death: 21 Feb 1970 in Wayne County, MS
Grandison M: Birth: Abt 1826 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
Grecia M: Birth: 5 May 1898 in Walker County, AL. Death: Abt 1961 in Mobile, AL
Harriet M: Birth: Abt 1853.
Henry M: Birth: Abt 1874 in Cardston AlbertaTemple.
Henry M: Birth: Abt 1831 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: Abt 1931 in Choctaw County, AL
Hester M: Birth: Abt 1852 in Marion County, MS.
Hezekiah A. M: Birth: 24 Jun 1700 in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connectiut.
Idar M: Birth: Abt 1899 in Fayette, Fayette County, AL.
J M: Birth: Abt 1866 in MS Or AL.
James M: Birth: 27 Aug 1768 in Bassydroon, Stirling, Scotland. Death: 4 Sep 1846 in Anson, NC
James M: Birth: 12 Oct 1896 in Wayne County, MS.USA. Death: 14 Jul 1950 in Wayne County, MS.USA
James M: Birth: Abt 1729 in Paxtang, Lancaster, PA. Death: 10 Sep 1745
James M: Birth: Abt 1859 in Wesson, Copiah County, MS.
James M: Birth: Abt 1844 in Wilmer, AL.
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