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  1. Ephraim BENDER: Birth: 19 Oct 1776. Death: Unknown

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Note:   "In about the year 1756, on account of religious persecution, Adam Bender together with his wife and 10 children, seven sons and three daughters, emigrated to America to find a new home. First Adam Bender collected all his wordly goods such as the "well to do" of the time and age afforded. He brought a large and valuable collection of books on science, medicine, and religion in which he was well versed. He had lived in Bohemia, Germany now known as Czechoslovakia where he was a large land owner. He took his family to Litiz, Lancaster County, PA, later migrating to upper Dauphin County, bargained and bought land from the Wiconisco Indians to the extent of 600 acres. The indians never molested them. They were friends because of their fair dealings. John, the second son of Adam Bender, on the death of his father inherited a tract of land. he laid it out in lots April 19, 1817 and in honor of his wife Elizabeth named the town Elizabethville. For many years people of the srrounding community called it "Benderstettle". the people were mostly German and "Stettle" means "town" hence the name. Among the early settlers the Eisenhowers were adjacent neighbors to the Benders. Jacob Eisenhower, the grandfather of President Dwight D. Eisenhower married a first cousin of Mrs. Adam Q Bender who was H. Paul Gerhard's great grandmother. Paul is a sixth generation scion of the original settler Adam Bender." from Bender family email correspondence from Jeremy Easton, October 2005 Locust Grove Cemetery is a private cemetery on the original Bender farm, NW of Maple Grove Cemetery, Elizabethvile.
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