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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bengt BANKSTON: Birth: 1669 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 1748 in Moyamensing, Philadelphia Co., PA

  2. Andrew BANKSTON: Birth: 1672 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 1750 in Philadelphia Co., PA

  3. Peter BANKSTON: Birth: 6 Mar 1677 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: Bef 24 Oct 1708 in Philadelphia Co., PA

  4. Catherine BANKSTON: Birth: 29 Jan 1679 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 27 Sep 1735 in Raccoon, Glouchester Co., New Jersey

  5. John BANKSTON: Birth: 31 Mar 1681 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: 12 Jun 1739 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

  6. Jacob BANKSTON: Birth: 19 Oct 1684 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1766 in Passayunk Twnshp, Philadelphia Co., PA

  7. Brigitta BANKSTON: Birth: 10 Apr 1687.

  8. Daniel BANKSTON: Birth: 22 Jan 1691 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 11 Jul 1727 in Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA

  9. Joseph BANKSTON: Birth: 2 May 1696 in Philadelphia Co., PA Or Willington Dl. Death: Bef 14 Jun 1732 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland

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Source:   S1556
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a. Note:   NI164108
Note:   [Betty.FTW] Anders was born 1640 in Stockholm, Sweden, and died 1706 in Philadelphia, PA. He married GERTRUDE RAMBO November 22, 1668 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of PETER RAMBO and BRITA MATSDOTTER. She was born October 19, 1650 in Philadelphia, PA, and died Aft. 1706 in Pennsylvania. More About ANDREW "ANDRE" BANKSTON, SR.: Fact 7: 1656-arrived America, Swedish ship at age Fact 8: 16 Mercurious. Name Andre Benkestok Fact 9: Swedish Fact 11: Philadelphia, PA is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.